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20 Things Every Jamaican Has Heard From a Parent or Relative

20 Things Every Jamaican Has Heard From a Parent or Relative

Jamaicans are notorious for speaking in parables or for speaking in small phrases. The uniqueness of the Patois makes some of these statements sound a bit hilarious but sometimes they are meant to issue a warning.

Here are some famous sayings that every Jamaican would have heard at least once in their lifetime from either their parents or a relative.

1- Mi sey mi just see shirly last week how she dead, nuh just last week me see har
Translation: I just saw Shirly last week, how is she now dead? – An expression of disbelief that someone recently seen has now died.

2- If mi lick u yasso, u daddy stay which pa im deh and feel it, stay deh yhh
Translation: If I have to reprimand you, wherever your father is, he will feel the effect. – The magnitude of your reprimand will be felt far and wide.

3- Ello likkle gurl, yuh say our farda from marnin? / Yuh pray from marnin?
Translation: Little girl, have you recited the Our Father today? / Have you prayed today? – This statement is usually a response to a child asking to do something considered non-constructive.

4- Yuh tek up a book from marnin? all yuh do is siddung pan phone.
Translation: Have you done any school work since today? Your focus has constantly been on your phone – A statement used in to let a person know t

5- Yuh learn yuh book as good as yuh learn yuh song?
Translation: Do you know your book/lesson as well as you know this song?

6- ‘Yuh wash yuh face and brush yuh teeth from mawnin?
Translation: Have you washed your face and brushed your teeth since this morning?

7- “When you come here, what you see here and hear here. Let it stay here or don’t come back here.
Translation/Meaning: Very straightforward statement, encouraging a person to not talk about a place/house they have visited.

8- All marnin, noon and night yuh deh pon yuh gadget dem
Translation: All day long you have been on your gadgets

9- Yuh nuh tek up a book from maarning ?
Translation: Have you done any school work since this morning / all day long?

10 – “Oo nah earr muss feel”
Translation: If you don’t hear you will feel – usually the line given before a child is reprimanded for doing/saying something they were warned against.

11- Wanty wanty cyaan getty an’ getty getty nuh wanty
Translation: The people who want something / someone do not usually get it and those who do are the ones that have no real usage for the someone/something

12- “Wah sweet yuh gwine sour yuh”
Translation: Your source of happiness will soon become your source of pain/sorrow

13- Don’t mek di devil rule yuh
Translation: Do not allow the devil to take over your spirit

14 – “Yuh wash up di 2 dutty plate dem inna di kitchen from mawning?!
Translation: Have you washed the plates in the kitchen since this morning?

15- Uno cyaa cook a uno yard
Translation: Why can’t you cook at home?

16 – Yuh fi com outta big people business
Translation: This is an adult conversation

17 – Yuh Fe Gwan ah yuh bed –
Translation: You should go to your bed

18 – Tap run up an dung ina di house
Translation: Stop the playing in the house

19 – “Guh ramp wid yuh moma”
Translation: Play with your mother – Your own mother would say this to you; a somber warning to stop joking around

20 – I am not one of your likkle fren dem
Translation: I am not one of your friends – we are not in the same age group

20 Things Every Jamaican Has Heard From a Parent or Relative - PIN

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