A Conversation with former Jamaican Beauty Queen & Actress, Rebecca Silvera

Since winning the hit VH1 Reality Show ‘She’s Got Game’, 27 year old Rebecca Silvera has been busy making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. A former Jamaican Beauty Queen and Professional Equestrian, Rebecca can now add Actress to her resume. She just recently wrapped her first supporting actress role in the Nollywood film, ‘A Trip To Jamaica”, due for release later this year.

For Rebecca who is now in acting school, the Nollywood feature was an opportunity to do something she wants to master over time. Her goal is to become an accredited Film and TV actress. To ensure that her road to success is well supported, Rebecca recently joined acclaimed PR & Management firm, Elliott PR out of New York City to guide her ambitions to the next level. Jamaicans.com caught up with Rebecca Recently for a candid One on One.

1) Congrats on the success of ‘She Got Game”. What was the best part of doing the show?
Thank you, the best part of doing the show was the touring. It was really fun going to different cities I’ve never been before and perhaps would not have visited under normal circumstances. Each city we visited, we took some time to explore and did some really fun things. During the taping of the show, Jayceon (The Game) was on tour, so we got to attend his shows and see firsthand what touring with a major artiste is like. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

2) Tell us in detail what it was like competing with other women on a show to date a celebrity rapper?
Oh boy, where do I start?( Lol!) As you can imagine, living in the house with 10 total strangers who are vying for the same man surely cannot be easy, so it wasn’t only uncomfortable at times, but tensile too,. It’s like living with 10 women who basically despise you although they laugh and chat with you. I honestly didn’t see most of the other girls as competition and for the most part, it was entertaining. As a Jamaican, our culture is so unique and for whatever its worth, during that arrangement, I naturally stood out and that may have made me somewhat of a target at times, but again my ‘Jamaicanness’ made it easy for me to stay the course and make my mark. I am a tough cookie. I can hold my own.

3) Are you into Rap Music?
Honestly, I wasn’t before. I wasn’t really exposed to it. Meeting Jayceon and being on the show made me appreciate the genre. I can’t say I love every rap song, but I do listen to it now from time to time.

4) Did you regret at any point during ever doing the show?
No not at all. I would do it all over again. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

5) How did you learn about the show in the first place?
My friend Actress Lisa-Raye Mckoy asked me if I would do it and after some thought, I obliged. I trust her and knew that if nothing else, I would have a great time.

Rebecca Silvera
Rebecca Silvera

6) The show wrapped sometime last year, but immediately following your win, we saw very little of you out and about after that. Was the hiatus intentional?
The show was a six week shoot of constant touring. Every night, if we weren’t traveling, we were socializing or at a show. It was exhausting. Every year prior to the show, I typically take a trip to different cities in Europe. I didn’t get to do so last year due to the show, so as soon as it wrapped, I took some time off and went abroad. However I wouldn’t say I took an hiatus. I was still very much out and about, but I was just more selective with what I did and where I went because of course the show did give me a bit more recognition than I was accustomed to. I had a funny and overwhelming experience once when I went to a large variety store immediately following my win and I was literally rushed by fans almost to the ground. It was exciting yet scary at the same time and I thought that maybe I shouldn’t be walking around by myself for a little while so I retreated for a bit and only went out to select places and with select people. It’s great to experience the love though; I wouldn’t trade it for anything really (lol!)

7) In what way has the show opened doors for you?
Wow, the show has opened so many doors for me in so many ways. The show has definitely given me a platform to be interactive with people from various walks of life that I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. I have people calling me about exciting projects and opportunities almost every day. My management have their hands full.

8) What’s your response to critics particular Jamaicans who thought that ‘She’s Got Game’ was not the right choice for you?
Interestingly, the feedback overall was overwhelmingly positive. Of course there were naysayers, but I didn’t really have time to absorb who said what and all that. Social Media can be a Vitriol of hate from miserable people who hide behind their computers and spill venom. It’s cowardly so I tend not to pay attention to it. I never really understood how you can say mean and nasty things about someone you haven’t met or know personally. It’s besides me. I am human so I can be vulnerable and for a moment I almost got caught up in some negative social media exchange with another contestant, but I retreated to my training and foundation and let it go. It wasn’t worth the aggravation. ‘At the end of the day, no one can say what is or isn’t the right choice was for me. I am the only one who can make those types of decision. I try my best to make decisions I can live with.

Rebecca Silvera Head Shot
Rebecca Silvera

9) How important is it for people to see you beyond just a Reality Star?
Extremely Important. At one point, I wanted to represent the world as a Beauty Queen and that requires not only beauty, but talent and brains. I did a lot of training for that and there are certain values that I still uphold. I am a good actress, only wanting to get better. I am in formal Acting classes at the moment, but above all and most importantly, to my son LJ, I am the world’s best mom and I take that job very seriously. As times goes by, people will get to see more and more of the real Rebecca. I am so excited about what is to come.

10) Not many people know that and you are an Equestrian and a professional Show Jumper as well. Have you given up that completely?
I had to give up Show Jumping yes, I just don’t have the time and its very time consuming. If you are going to be good at it, you have to give it a lot of time and dedication. But riding leisurely, I will never give up that. This is one of the things that make me the happiest. In fact I might soon be taking on a acting gig where that is a requirement. We are looking at the whole angle now, so you never know. If it works out, I would be excited to show off my skills (lol)

11) Now that you are attempting to pursue a career in Film and TV, your focused is now on making your mark in the North American market. Will you ever pursue further success in Jamaica as well?
Jamaica is home and always will be no matter what level I have elevated to. I would love to film in Jamaica if I were to have my own show( not giving away any spoilers lol). I rep hard any and everywhere I go for my country. I am so proud of my little island and anything I do, I wish to incorporate my culture in some way.

12) Besides your quest for acting, what are some of the things you working on right now?
There are a few offers on the table that we are actively assessing right now that may see me doing some type of Cable Network Television Hosting. I have been approached to do another Reality Show and we are in the process of developing my own Cosmetics and Lingerie line. I feel blessed that people value me enough to offer me amazing opportunities. I don’t take any of it for granted.

13) What drives Rebecca?
My son. This kid is amazing. He’s well behaved so I reward his good behavior handsomely and he has expensive tastes (Lol!). I think he’s the most fashion forward five year old I know. I am also adamant that he must have a good education, so saving up for his future is paramount. Additionally, for most of adult my life, I was like a ‘Trophy Wife’, as they say and for the first time, making my own money and working hard to afford what is needed to maintain my lifestyle is not just achievable but motivating to me. It’s a paradigm shift and a new way of life for me and it’s addicting. Nothing like making and having your own.

14) Favorite place to visit besides Jamaica?
Nowhere else quite compares but I really like Monaco. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I can fall in love over and over again in Monaco.

15) Describe your perfect life scenario
I think if you ask most women, they would give you the typical Cinderella Scenario. I am a hopeless romantic, so yes, I like that too, but I want success both professionally and financially. I am done being rescued by the handsome prince (Lol!), I want to own my castle and kingdom and if the Prince happens to come with it, then perfect. I am big on family so I want my family to be happy and comfortable as well.