Actress of Jamaican Descent Featured in New Netflix Romantic Comedy

Jamaican-American actress featured in new Seth Rogen Comedy

Michelle Buteau, an actress and comedian with Jamaican heritage, can be seen in the new Netflix romantic comedy film “Always Be My Maybe.” The film follows Sasha, who is played by Ali Wong, and Marcus, played by Randall Park, who have been friends since childhood and who, after having a disagreement, do not speak to one another for 15 years. After Sasha becomes a celebrity chef working in Los Angeles, she returns to San Francisco, her hometown, to open a restaurant. Sasha then runs into Marcus, who is a musician happily living at home and working for his father. While the two former friends hesitate to renew their relationship, they soon discover that they still generate sparks for one another.

Michelle Buteau plays the role of Veronica, who grew up with Sasha and Marcus. When she found out about the Netflix project, Buteau was eager to have the chance to work with Park and Wong, who were also the writers of the romantic comedy. Noting that she has known Ali Wong for a long time in the comedy space and thinks she is very talented, – and a hard worker. Buteau also knows Randal, so when she discovered they had written a film, she wanted to audition for a part. “ I’m so glad it worked out,” she said. “Always Be My Maybe” was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, and in San Francisco.

Michelle Buteau is one of many women of color dedicated to causing some disruption in an entertainment sector dominated by white male comics. Her work is always candid and truthful about her life, whether it addresses motherhood, aging, marriage, or sex partners. She believes in the power of representation and wants her performances to be “more than funny.” Anyone can be funny, she says, but what is important is that the work means something, that it matters.

In addition to having a role in “Always Be My Maybe,” Buteau is the host of “Late Night Whenever With Michelle Buteau,” She will also appear in the “First Wives Club” on BET and in the pending Netflix series “Tales from the City.”and will be seen in Netflix’s coming series “Tales From the City” and BET’s “First Wives Club.”

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