A Love Letter to Jamaica

My Dearest Jamaica,

As I trod the earth, I stop for a moment gazing at the stars that try to hide behind its darkness, reminiscing of the beauty, the brushes of your coconut tree giving juice to an empty spirit. I miss your crystal clear beaches with glorious rays of colors as I watch many washing their feet, yes, back then. Do you remember God infant? The offspring you birth? In the mist of healing even as your face changes each day giving many disguised I remember the goodness of you. As I compose these words to you from the heart, suddenly my mind tick, taking me back to time, displaying pictorial images of fun time, childish giggles, games like Jamaican Chinese jump rope, watching boys play marbles, cricket, in their kaki uniform of order as they pledge to the flag, and I attempting to climb those mango trees. Your sweet tongue, patwa, captivates, allure me to you every time, spilling, exchanging many languages of wisdom. Yes, I visualize your legs spreading wide from its boundaries as I watch from a far, you giving life to great visionary: Paul Bogle, George William Gordon, Marcus Garvey, Samuel Sharpe, Maroon leader Nanny, and the list goes on. I can taste your purity and smell the aroma of your fresh tasty fruits enticing me to never forget you. I feel your joy as I pretend that you are lying next to me with open arms in your beds of sweet hibiscus. As my path leave imprints, stains, of sorrows and joy, I hear the island’s Dr. Bird humming tunes of love soothing an interrupt ears and bruised heart. At times the path I take leads me to many beds of roses with thorns wounding each foot as I trod, yet I have no regrets. For within the moments of hardship, my journey allows me to meet many visionary, wise and beautiful people who challenge me to rise to a new level and lends their shoulders for me to lean on, in time of weariness here in the “God bless America.” I believe it is God’s plan for me to view the world with the eyes of the heart. Even in the mist of storms, I can feel your calm. My wish is to make our heavenly father proud, as you have taught me before division tore us from each other arms tainted with pain. My mouth feel your lips of strength pressing gently, as our eyes meet, kissing away each sorrows that tries to surpass my chin as I reaffirm these poetic tunes within:

Your mantle of courage
Is inside me
Your mantle of love
Never leave me
Your mantle of roses
Just strengthen me
Your mantle of Faith
Keep steering me,
Your mantle of honor
Is always with me
Oh God bless you too
Sweet, sweet Jamaica!

Your absence made me feel fonder as I hear musical jam town songs blasting from the radio. My shoulders now begin to stand erect, and I can say I feel no shame to say your name. My eyes and feet began to see the light, taking me higher, having me stir, twirl, dance, leap, and see truth, speaking many messages of love and forgiveness allowing me to slowly loose the weight of confusion. I am your daughter working in progress towards order as you have taught me, through the Creator, before I became confused. Even in the illusion of loss upon loss that allows my body to cling to a feeling of void, abandonment, my mind at times forget poverty and I am reminded, through the heavenly father, of the richness you instill in me. I feel age creeping in this shell of mine; prayers become my daily food spilling and displaying truth. As my steps leave traces of dry and soft precious petals I am falling in love with you all over again. Before I lay my head to sleep tonight, I want to say, “I miss the richness of you. As I unveil, I enfolds with notes of “I love you my beautiful Jamaica! I will visualize you and I holding hands again even across the ocean, as I ask the Creator to continue leading me in the direction of purpose. Until then, I will dance to the many tunes of love that serenade my heart bringing a smile. I pray you Jamaica will touch lives positively and love will grow even more. I also pray for peace to the various wise souls I come across. From my heart to yours, walk good and have a good night!

All my love,

Maxine Foster-The proud Jamaican!

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