An Interview with “Greedy Girl Cooks” Food Blogger Chantay Campbell

Some things in life can scar a person. An exploding pressure cooker filled with rice for example, or an inedible pot of steamed fish, scales and all. A normal twelve year old would be scared for life and not want anything to do with cooking, but not Chantay Campbell. These were her humble beginnings cooking in the kitchen. Her love for food spans as far back as she can remember. Always in the kitchen with her mother, passing items, stirring and chopping. Her affections were always split between food and art, her artistic side manifested itself in the form of Architecture and Urban design, areas in which she holds a bachelors and master’s degree. Never the less cooking was always her passionate hobby, and in 2013 the self-proclaimed “Greedy Girl” turned her hobby into the popular blog Greedy Girl Cooks. On this forum she cooks and shares a plethora of recipes; everything from Appetizers to dessert. It is her belief that everyone should be able to cook and prepare quality delicious meals for themselves and their families. After all her motto is “If you can’t cook you shouldn’t eat!”

This week we have a conversation with foodie blogger Chantay Campbell. Her blog Greedy Girl Cooks where she shares recipes that will transform readers into home chefs.

What is your connection to Jamaica?
I was born, raised and currently live in Jamaica

How did you become a foodie?
I think I may have always been a foodie at heart; I started cooking at a young age and have always been in the kitchen with my mother watching everything she did. However I think it really began to truly develop while studying at university in NY. NYC has a host of culinary experiences to explore, not to mention I began to spend most of my free time watching food network. With all that TV watching came explorations in the kitchen and infusing everything I learned with what I had been taught by my mother.

Tell us about your blog?
As it pertains to my blog, I’ve been at it since 2013. Every month I have a theme all the recipes adhere to. For instance, every October is pumpkin month, every December I do greedy girl eats, where I review one dish at different locations, January is chocolate month, there is a seafood month and a vegan month get it. I do two posts per week, which works out to be 8-10 recipes per month depending on the month. Tuesday posts are written and Friday posts are usually video posts to my youtube channel. I currently do my own photography, photo editing and filming. My sister has a video production company called JanPeachy Productions ( she, edits all my Videos. So one can expect a lot of out of the box recipes, when focusing on a main ingredients for the month you sometimes have to get very creative to make 9 different recipes using let say pumpkin or potatoes.


Jamaican Yellow Yam Croquettes with Honey Escovitch Sauce

Jamaican Yellow Yam Croquettes with Honey Escovitch Sauce

Jamaican Yellow Yam Croquettes with Honey Escovitch Sauce

Are you working on any new projects?
In addition to the blog, I am currently getting into a lot more food photography and styling with recipe development for companies. My Fiancé and I are also working on a new food business to start February 2017.

What are some emerging food trends that you’re noticing?
Gourmet comfort food is a thing now. Truffle oil meets macaroni and cheese

What would you cook at home if you were just making a laid-back dinner?
It depends on who the laid back dinner is for. If it’s for myself, probably an omelet, my other half is content with a package of easy mac mixed with hickory BBQ sauce and Vienna sausages. If it’s for the family cooked up saltfish and boiled dumplings.

What is your favorite type of food and how often do you eat out?
If I had to choose a favorite type of food it would be either good authentic Chinese or KFC. Meal deal spicy and original no breast with a coleslaw and grape soda, or general tso chicken, veggie lo mein or veggie fried rice with a side of scallion pancakes. I do a lot of cooking, but I do eat out from time to time, maybe once a week.

What is your favorite Jamaican meal?
Escovitch fish with bammy and festival is probably my favorite Jamaican meal, I adore it.

What foods do you stay away from?
This one is hard because the list of things I don’t eat is pretty small. However I’m not a fan of raw things, so no sushi, no carpaccio, no tartare no runny eggs.

If you were on a desert island and you could have one food what would it be?
Remember that KFC meal deal I mentioned earlier?…yeah

A movie you never get tired of watching….
Shawshank Redemption

Growing your hero was…
I don’t recall having one

Thanks for your time. Any closing words?
Always try new things in the kitchen, don’t be afraid of the ingredients, just have fun.

Be sure to visit Chantay Campbell’s blog and YouTube channel, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about Greedy Girl Cooks.

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