Ancestral Healing – Family Constellation Workshop taking place at AFYA YOGA, May 16th, 2015, Jamaica

Saturday, 16th May, starting 2 PM, AFYA YOGA Center will host the ANCESTRAL HEALING and FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS WORKSHOP. This therapeutic method is widely known in Europe, USA and Latin America, but is still to be discovered on our island.

Find more about this interesting healing method from Alina Apostol, the facilitator of the workshop: Most personal difficulties, as well as problems in relationships are results of confusions in families’ systems. According to Bert Hellinger’s systemic therapy, the solution to life’s problems occur when each of the family members takes his/her appropriate and actual place, takes upon his/her roles in life, taking care of himself/herself and avoiding intervening in other’s destiny. The disruption to the natural order of the system causes entanglements and children begin to become like the parents, involving themselves in their parents’ business or trying to make people around them feel better by suffering themselves.

What kind of issues is this work good for?

After hundreds of hours of family constellations, during the last 5 years, I recommend this healing method for any type of problem, issue or desire. Some of the most common themes are:

•Physical illness ~ Terminal illness
•Anger management issues
•Suicidal feelings
•Couples relationship or work relationship issues
•Bereavement and loss
•Behavioral problems
•Creative blocks
•Stuckness and feelings of powerlessness
•Problems with money and material resources
•Any psychological difficulty

What is a family constellation?

To really understand the work, one must experience it. This is not a theoretical approach that we follow; the work is phenomenological, based on the representatives’ observations. A constellation starts when the participant choosing to work is asked what his/her intention is. The facilitator will run a very short interview based on facts from the history of the client that are linked with the intention.

Group members are then chosen to represent family members and are positioned intuitively by the participant into the space of the room. As if stepping into the awareness field of that particular family, these representatives then begin to feel in their bodies the actual feelings of those family members they are representing. By looking at how people are positioned and asking them how they feel, the facilitator will get insights on what the system (family, body, other) needs in order to find healing.

To offer this type of healing to a wide range of people, there is a suggested donation of 1500 JMD.