Annesha Adams takes over IG (Instagram)

Annesha Adams

Annesha Adams is a Canadian-Jamaican YouTuber that creates content around on her daily life in her home of rural Jamaica. She is set to takeover’s IG (Instagram) page tomorrow, Friday April 24th where she will show what life is like as a YouTuber living in rural Jamaica from the countryside to her daily swimming at the river near her home.

Annesha Adams

Annesha Adams

Annsesha was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada but lived in Jamaica until the age of 8 where she attended primary school in St. Ann.

Her family then migrated back to Canada and she lived there until she graduated from university.

Even though, Annesha didn’t grow up in Jamaica, her proud parents made sure she kept her roots by cooking Jamaican food and playing lots of reggae and dancehall music in the house.

As a result, her deep connection to Jamaica brought her back home to live after graduation. Before COVID-19 outbreak she traveled all over Jamaica showing her viewers what country life is really like.

Annesha Adams

Annesha Adams

She likes to give her viewers tips on how to prepare for a vacation in Jamaica. She often showcases some of the best tourist attractions and parishes to visit around the island.

Being a girly girl, she also shares beauty and lifestyle topics like hair tutorials, skincare routines, hauls, and tips.

Annesha was named one of the Lifestyle YouTubers to Watch in 2020 by Bashy Magazine and now boasts over 30,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

You can follow Annesha Adams on IG at @annesha.adams

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