Canadian-Jamaican YouTuber Annesha Adams Shares Her Infinite Love for Jamaica

Canadian-Jamaican YouTuber Annesha Adams

Ever since I could remember, Jamaica has held an important part of my life and of my being. Being introduced to such a distinct, vibrant, creative and confident culture and people, made me fall in love, and I never looked elsewhere. Being Jamaican is definitely an experience I would not change for the world, which I genuinely thank my parents for introducing me to. I consider Jamaica, the land of wood, water and wellness because of the calming spaces like the countryside and the beach.

I was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, on September 9th, 1996. I have seven sisters and one brother all from the same parents. I was first introduced to Jamaica by my proud Jamaican parents who raised us on Jamaican food, bonding time with our Jamaican relatives and friends and without a doubt non-stop dancehall and reggae music playing. Although, I am Jamaican through descent, being Jamaican has been one thing I grew up being aware of.

Jamaica-Canadian YouTuber Annesha Adams moving to Jamaica

Jamaica-Canadian YouTuber Annesha Adams

At seven years old, my family packed up and moved back to Jamaica where I went to primary school in St.Ann and had the best time of my life. This experience really opened my eyes and my heart for my love of Jamaica. 

After a few years, we moved back to Canada where I continued elementary school, high school and University in Ontario. Throughout my elementary and high school days, we would spend our long summer breaks in Jamaica., I always had a calendar on my wall counting down the days until our trip! Everyday I would wake up, and count down with excitement. The best times in my life were in Jamaica, my first for everything were all in Jamaica. I knew Jamaica was the place for me, my forever home and spending a few months there was not enough.

One thing I always told myself, I wanted to move back. After high school, my goal was to move to Jamaica and attend the top rated university of the Caribbean, The University of the West Indies on Mona Campus and study Sociology. I applied, moved to Jamaica and at the last minute decided to study criminology in Canada, attend the University of Ontario and visit Jamaica during breaks. I did just that.

Whenever I was in Canada, the only thing on my mind was Jamaica, Jamaica and Jamaica. My thoughts surrounded, when would be my next trip, how many more days, and getting excited preparing for it. Only people who travel to Jamaica know exactly what I am talking about. That Jamaica excitement is so real! I love Canada, but Jamaica is where my heart is. 

While in University, I started a Youtube channel as I learned how people were able to monetize creating videos about the things they love. I was fascinated, loved the idea and started my own. Youtube became an income for me in university beyond the seasonal jobs I had at the mall. During my last year of university, I made up my mind that Jamaica will be my new home. That same year my Youtube income increased and I made it my full-time job.

Canadian-Jamaican YouTuber Annesha Adams

Canadian-Jamaican YouTuber Annesha Adams

My Youtube channel is a lifestyle based channel that centers around my life, such as my travels and love of Jamaica. From everything to vlogging about my adventures, to advice on moving to Jamaica, best places to go and travel tips. I also talk about beauty and shopping in Jamaica. I love my subscribers, we are 30,000 strong and growing everyday.

I do not regret moving back to Jamaica after so many years. I love the beach, the rivers, the activities and the friendliness of the people. Moving to Jamaica was one of the best decisions I have made. I appreciate my parents being unapologetically Jamaican, and instiling their love for Jamaica into me and my siblings.

Since moving to Jamaica, Annesha has worked with Joy Spence’s Appleton Estate Rum Tour: A Night with Freddie McGregor, Juici Patties, Ministry of Gender, Culture, Entertainment and Sport highlighting the Reggae Month activities.

You can follow Annesha Adams on IG at @annesha.adams

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