A Prayer for Jamaica

 Our Father

You are the Watchful Eye

Over this Land of Wood and Water

We ask of You

To help us to reverse the curse

To give our Leaders the courage

To guide this Nation to its Greatness

That’s already instilled in her People

 Help us! Dear Father

As we are One People Out of Many

To Rise UP and

Tread upon the Enemy

Of Selfishness, Greed and Murder

Change our mentality!

Give our Future Generation of Leaders

A New Vision

A New Insight

Of the path that we must take as a Nation

Let integrity rule our Leaders’ every decision

And like Moses

Lead Us as a People

Through the Red Sea

Of Turmoil, Disenchantment, Disillusionment

Suffering, Pain, Chaos, Bloodshed

That cover the Streets of our Paradise


Be our Light, Dear Father!

Through this time of darkness

We cry and We pray





And when we begin to see the Fruits of our Labour,

Together, as a Nation of grateful people,

We will not forget to say THANK YOU

 In His Name, Amen ©


 Eternal Father bless our land-GUARD us with Thy mighty hand-Keep us free from evil powers-Be our light thru countless hours-To our leaders-Great Defender-Grant true wisdom from above-Justice-Truth-be ours forever-JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE! Teach us true respect for all-Stir response to duty’s call-Strengthen us the weak to cherish-Give us VISION lest we perish-Knowledge send us Heavenly Father-Grant true wisdom from above-Justice-Truth-be ours forever-JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE!

About the author

Debbie Campbell

Debbie is a Mental Health Counselor, and has been working in the mental health field for over ten years. A native of Jamaica, she has resided in the United States for more than twenty years. Debbie is the (2nd) second child of (5) five children. She came to the United States at age 17 to pursue her education in the field of Computers. However, her education pursuits led her into the field of Mental Health/Psychology. She obtained her Bachelors in Psychology in Miami and her Masters in Counseling in Oklahoma. Debbie's first book, 'Writings of the Soul: The Journey Vol. I' is only the beginning and a taste of what is to come in her writing abilities.