Are You Ready For 2017? The 4 Areas of Your Life to Consider as You Plan Your Yearly Goals

How will you plan your goals for 2017? The New Year is often set in motion by a very long list of things we want to accomplish, sometimes hurriedly scribbled without any consideration given to the multiple arenas of our lives. The result is an out-of-balance list, heavily laden with goals like “Lose 30 lbs. by cousin’s wedding in June,” and light on goals like “Commit to doing nothing but relaxing for at least an hour each day.”

To foster a balanced pursuit of your 2017 goals, think of your life in terms of the following four categories:

Me in the world – Everything to do with your involvement in the outside world. This includes your profession, your education, and your community groups.

Me at home – Everything to do with your domestic life. This includes your finances, the appearance and comfort of your home, and your relationship with friends and family

Me that I CAN’T see – Everything to do with your internal self, including your spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being

Me that I CAN see – Everything to do with your physical self, including your health, appearance, and fitness

I designed the 2017 Boundless Galaxy Daily Planner using the above categorizations, which focus your planning on multiple arenas of your life. As you get ready to ring in the New Year, set your goals with an eye towards honoring all the “Me’s” that comprise you.

About The Author
Andrea Shaw Nevins is a college professor and a life coach. She holds a Ph.D. in Caribbean Literature from the University of Miami and graduated from the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program. Among other things, she maintains a blog at , hosts life coaching workshops, and provides individual coaching. She specializes in helping folks make transitions from a life that is “okay” to one that is “fabulous”! Follow her on Facebook at @coachandreanevins