Assassin A.K.A Agent Sasco’s New Album the Theory of Reggaetivity Debuts at #3 on U.S. Billboard Reggae Album Chart

Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco’s brand new album The Theory of Reggaetivity debuts this week at #3 on the highly-coveted U.S. Billboard Reggae Chart. He is the only Jamaican artist to land in the Top 5 this week – in between the ranks of the Southern Californian band Stick Figure (who hit #1) and the Grammy-winning UK singer Joss Stone (who trailed behind him at #4) and Hawaiian band Iration (who followed at #5).

Assassin’s The Theory of Reggaetivity is his first album in almost a decade and a new direction for the artist – allowing him to delve into a more reggae-centric sound. His conscious free-flowing lyrics ride over crisp island rhythms – mixed with traditional live instrumentation and digitally-enhanced beats. Critics and fans alike embrace his sound wholeheartedly.

“..outstanding modern-roots without compromising the raw power we’ve come to expect from the dancehall star…” – Pandora

“… a testament to his musical diversity as well as an homage to the genre .. high point for authentic reggae music in 2016.”  – Reggaeville

” … taste of such refinement.” – Complex

The Theory Of Reggaetivity follows his more dancehall-driven releases – Infiltration (2005) and Gully Sit’n (2007).