Authentic Jamaican Restaurant Opens in Utah

Authentic Jamaican Restaurant Opens in Utah - Jerk Chicken Rice and Peas - 11 Hauz Jamaican Food

The flavors of Jamaican cuisine are as distinctive as they are delicious. The Sheron and Errol Grant family from Mount Salem, Jamaica, is continuing a family tradition with the opening of the 11Hauz restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. The restaurant is receiving rave reviews from local diners and those across the nation.

There’s a common theme among reviewers that highlight delicious food, friendly service, and inviting décor. Reviewer Cecillia L. said, “The décor is bright and colorful and transports you to the island. Music in the background, delicious food and amazing staff all make you feel you are on vacation.”

Sharon Grant is the daughter of Florence Harding of Jamaica, who worked as a chef for two Jamaican-Chinese families in Jamaica. Armed with her mother’s authentic Jamaican recipes and her own unique touches, Sheron married Errol Grant and together they own and operate 11Hauz, along with their daughters and partners, Nyesha and Tanisha Hamil.

Sheron is head chef at 11Hauz. Located in the city’s Park City area, the restaurant pays homage to Sheron’s mother who had 11 children and walked 11 miles back and forth to work each day. The restaurant features a variety of finger foods from jerk wings and pastry patties to the ever-popular plantains.

Diners seeking a full meal can choose from jerk chicken, curry tofu, jerk shrimp or salmon, and Rasta pasta. For those that prefer greens, salads of cabbage, cucumber and kale are available, all with the distinctive tang found in Jamaican cuisine. Fresh from the garden selections include a variety of seafood, goat, oxtail, and stew peas.

The restaurant’s authentic foods are a hit with people from coast to coast. Thomas P. of NY, who had the sautéed kale and oxtail noted, “I’m disappointed that 11Hauz is on the opposite of the country from me, because I want more!”

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