Miss Lou Poems

Barbara and Miss Lou

Because I so desperately wanted to be a real American,
I adapted to their style of dress,
I spoke accent free English,
I listened to music I thought was better than reggae and substituted cheeseburger for rice and peas.
You see, I blended so well I almost disappeared,
and what is worst than this. I not only have to convince Americans that I am Jamaican,
I must convince Jamaicans as well (Mi a Jamaican (Jam Maake khan) tuh!)
Then My half-sister Barbara came up from Westmoreland.
Bringing to Kansas City the spirit of Miss Lou.
When she is working she spoke English (It is necessary to get ahead),
but mek we inna grocery store a buy food,
or deyyah movie, dance hall, or just out about being cool – a pure patois demma go hear roun we!
We no haffi shame,
cause now mi undastan what it is to be a proud Jamaican,
thanks to Barbara and Miss Lou!

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