10 Benefits of the Guava Fruit

Eaten in ways that include fresh, dried, canned, and juiced, the guava is experiencing its “moment in the sun.” Growing naturally in tropical locations that include Jamaica, the fragrant fruits are rich in vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

The multi-faceted fruit has a green or gold skin, pinkish-colored flesh, and edible seeds. Leaves are used to make an herbal tea and a leaf extract is used as a supplement. It’s a sweet snack that’s similar to pears in texture, but with a little extra crunch factor.

The following are 10 benefits of the humble fruit.

1. Antioxidants help the body neutralize the effects of free radicals that damage DNA at the cellular level and is responsible for the signs of early aging. Guavas are an excellent source of antioxidants that includes lycopene that’s beneficial for reducing prostate and breast cancer cells.

2. A rich source of vitamin C, guava aids in boosting the immune system, thereby protecting the body against bacteria, viruses and fungal pathogens.

3. The body must maintain a balance of sodium and potassium to properly regulate blood pressure. Guava helps accomplish that, as well as improving levels of HDL known as good cholesterol for a healthier heart.

4. The body relies on vitamin A for healthy eyes. Guavas contain significant levels of vitamin A for maintaining eyesight, improving vision, slowing the progression of macular degeneration and appearance of cataracts.

5. Many people have substantial levels of inflammation within the body without knowing it. Guavas have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to address inflammation, toothaches, oral ulcers, and swollen gums from gingivitis.

6. Guavas are good for the brain, containing vitamin B3 and B6. The fruit aids in blood circulation that can improve cognitive abilities.

7. When used as a scrub and in other skincare products, guava aids in a more radiant complexion. It contains vitamin K that helps remove dead skin cells and aids in minimizing dark circles, redness, acne, and diminishing skin discolorations.

8. The high fiber content in the fruit may assist in lowering blood sugar levels and fighting insulin resistance.

9. Guavas are weight-loss friendly. One fruit contains 37 calories and helps the body feel full longer so people eat less.

10. The fruit is especially beneficial for women. It reduces the intensity of pain associated with menstrual cramps and provides multiple nutrients essential for women during pregnancy.

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