“A big impact on the world.” – SMILE JAMAICA PHOTOS

Our feature “Smile Jamaica” highlights positives about Jamaica and Jamaicans. We asked Chef Andre Sewell, “What is it about Jamaica or Jamaicans that makes you smile?”

“I love that Jamaica, for such a small island, can make such a big impact on the world. Whenever I see other countries cheering on our athletes, doing our dances, singing our music, hankering to visit our island; and generally just “bigging up” Jamaica one way or another, that legitimately makes me smile. – Chef Andre Sewell

Andre Sewell Smile Jamaica


The “Smile Jamaica” series is open to anyone who loves Jamaica and/or Jamaicans.

If you would like to participate in this series :

1) Send comments or write on a white board/Poster your answer to the following question: “What about Jamaica or Jamaicans Make you Smile”?” Please DO NOT write a  simple one liner  “the people” or “the food” or the “the beach” For ideas, see the other photos in this series.

2) Send an email to [email protected] titled “Smile Jamaica” with your smiling photo attached and please include the city/country where you live, and your name.

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