Interview With John Dixon Writer Of The Film Script On Bob Marley and The Wailers

How did you decide to begin writing a film script about Bob Marley and the Waiters?
The Black Beetles motion picture screenplay was derived from a devine spiritual inspiration seen? I also have a great deal in common with the Wailers. You see a great deal of my personal beliefs are shared with The Wailers, particularly Bunny and Peter, they are indeed my spiritual brothers.

Why the name The Black Beetles?
The Wailers were once referred to as the “Jamaican Beetles” during their early rise to fame, however I renamed them the “Black Beatles” to represent all black people and not just Jamaicans seen? By no means am I comparing the Wailers to the rock band Beatles. The name Beatles is just a word seen?

Are you Jamaican? What part of Jamaica are you from?
I am very much American, however, as the late great Peter Tosh once said, “It does not matter where you come from, as long as you are a black man, you are an African.”

Why did you feel it was important to copyright the script? Is it because of the recent rumors of a Bob Marley and the Wailers film starring Jamie Foxx?
Well I felt it was important to copyright the Black Beatles script because it is my own creative _expression seen? And my story was published prior to the rumors of Jamie Foxx portrayal of Bob Marley. Its is incredibly wicked how the Foxx rumor started around the same time I published the Black Beatles story. Just lucky coincidence I guess?

How do you approach something so personal to Jamaicans and still find a balance between fiction and truth?
I know this movie would be extremely important to the Jamaican people as well as people from around the world, which means it would only be held at the highest of regards. The truth will always over-ride fiction seen, because it is only the truth that shall set a man free!

In your news release you mentioned that some parts of your script are fictional. Why do you believe there was a need to add some fiction to the story?
Well fiction was added to certain parts the story to make it a bit more interesting, however the fiction is collaborated around factual events. Most of the drama portion of events is fictional.

Aren’t you afraid that any embellishment to the story will cause a backlash from Bob Marley and the Wailers fan?
I am sure there will be some backlash to the film as with other great films, however there is backlash to everything we do in life, even the Wailers were backlashed once upon a time. I am not afraid any backlash, actually I welcome it, so bring it on! I have only the purest of answers for any backlash. The Black Beatles is only intended to make a respectful dedication for this fantastic group.

Have you found a company interested in taking it to the big screen?
No, I have not shopped my script around at this time. I am waiting for the right moment in time, you see I don’t make plans I just fall into plans seen?

You mentioned a few stars you would like to see play the roles. There were no Jamaicans mentioned. Is this because you think the film would have more commercial appeal with these name stars?
I would love for talented Jamaican actors to portray the Wailers, however, it would be somewhat risky not to use A-list Hollywood actors to portray the famed group because of the obvious financial investment involved. But I do feel Terrence Howard as Bob Marley, Samuel l. Jackson as Peter Tosh and Don Cheadle as Bunny Wailer would bring in an Oscar nomination for their portrayal of the group. But my plans are to recommend that Jamaican actors and musicians play a large role in the film and soundtrack.

Have you spoken to the Marley’s about the script? Have they seen it? Do they approve?
Well I was told through close sources that the Wailer’s estates may be aware of the Black Beatles script due to the fact that the story is heavily publicized. I have not personally spoken to any of the estates, however I spiritually received approval from my brothers seen? Keep in mind this is an unauthorized part fictional story seen?

I read the overviews of each scene for the script. The film seems to focus a lot on the There are part in it that could cause some controversy. How will you handle any future lawsuits?
Controversy yeah maybe, lawsuits I doubt, there is nothing published in the Black Beatles story that is not readily available to the public, outside of my creative _expression. I tried to show as much respect as possible while keeping the script interesting.

I know it is difficult to predict someone picking up your script but what would be the best case scenario for you?
Best case for me would be for Bunny, Rita and the Tosh estate to come together and mutually agree to use some or all of the elements of the Black Beatles script in a movie about the Wailers. And I would love to collaborate with the living legend Bunny Wailer in person.

Thanks you for spending the time with us on this interview. Any final thoughts?
I personally feel the Wailers were the most talented and spiritually moving band in the world. Bunny,Peter and Bob were all superstars in their own individual rights. Their legacy is mystical, their wisdom is biblical, their music is magical and the trio was wonderful. Please visit