Bob Marley Exhibit Named One of Top 12 Must-See Attractions in London

Bob Marley Exhibit

The “Bob Marley One Love Experience” has been selected by the website londonist.com as one of the dozen must-see attractions in London. The exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery will run for ten weeks from February 2, 2022, through April 18, 2022, before moving on to a multi-city tour. The “Experience” immerses visitors in the life and legacy of the Jamaican reggae icon through artwork, previously unseen photographs, music, and memorabilia as they pass through a series of rooms that seeks to recreate the Marley’s lifestyle, influences, passions, and legacy.

Robert Nesta Marley Bob Marley - National Hero Is Long Overdue

Each of the rooms focuses on a unique aspect of Marley’s life and legacy: the Music Room, One Love Forest, Soul Shakedown Studio, Concrete Jungle Street Art Expo, Beautiful Life Zone, and the Next Gen Zone.

Entering the Music Room, visitors will see exhibits of lyrics, awards, and one of the largest vinyl records in the world to mark the achievement of Marley’s “Legend” album, which is the highest-selling album in history. The One Love Forest explores the natural world of Jamaica and the sights and sounds that provided the visual backdrop for Marley’s music. The Soul Shakedown Studio offers a unique silent disco where visitors can listen to the sounds of a reggae dance party through headphones. At the Concrete Jungle Street Art Expo, which visitors enter by way of a “backstage” corridor of a Marley concert, original works by Mr. Brainwash as well as fan art are displayed. Fans can submit their own art inspired by Marley and “One Love” to be included in the exhibit. All of Marley’s personal passions from his love of soccer to his family are exhibited in a game-room environment in the Beautiful Life Zone, and Marley’s legacy is emphasized and honored in the Next Gen Zone, which features the work of his wife, Rita Marley, his children, and grandchildren, all of whom have continued to spread Bob Marley’s message of “One Love” through his music and philanthropic works worldwide for some 40 years. Visitors can leave messages of peace on the “One Love Tree” before leaving the exhibit.

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