Bob Marley Tops List of Artists Whose Songs Are Best for Music Therapy

According to a research survey conducted by Chroma, an art therapy provider in the United Kingdom, the song “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley is among the most effective for patients in music therapy. In fact, Bob Marley heads the list of musicians whose music is used in the treatment of patients undergoing rehabilitation of speech, language, and cognitive functions after experiencing a stroke or brain injury. Many people think that music therapy involves soft, gentle sounds, but in reality, music that is loud and strong with a “no-nonsense beat” and a simple melody is most effective, said Daniel Thomas, the managing director of Chroma. Other songs among the top five most effective music therapy tunes are “We Will Rock You” by Queen, various versions of “Amazing Grace,” including one by Elvis Presley; “Another Brick in the Wall” from Pink Floyd; and various versions, including one by Johnny Cash, of “You Are My Sunshine.” Adele and Eminem were also among the top music therapy recording artists. The research study involved 50 music therapists working for Chroma who provide more than 17,400 hours of support to more than 500 patients and clients.