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So You Think You Know Bob Marley? Try Our Bob Marley Trivia Quiz

Bob Marley is a top seller

Do you think you know Bob Marley? Did you know Bob Marley was of mixed race? Do you know Bob Marley father’s name? Do you know Bob Marley mother’s name? Take our trivia quiz and see how well you know Bob Marley. The answers are at the bottom.

1.What Was Bob Marley’s First Recorded Single??
a. One Love/People get ready
b. Soul Shake Down Party
c. Judge Not
d. Buffalo soldier

2. In What Year Did Bob Marley Die?
a. 1988
b. 1977
c. 1981
d. 1980

3. What was Bob Marley’s wife’s first name??
a.  Rita
b.  Hayley
c.  Renee
d. Rolonda

4. What was the largest crowd Bob Marley and the Wailers ever played for?
a. 30,000
b. 100,000
c. 250,000
d. 1 million

5. What is the date that Bob Marley graced the cover of “Rolling Stone”?
a. August 12,1976
b. April 17, 1974
c. December 29, 1980
d. February 6, 1981

6. What famous band did Bob Marley open for before getting cut for upstaging them?
a.  Jimi Hendrix
b.  Sly and the family stone
c.  The Specials
d.  Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores

7. What is the name of the song that Bob Marley wrote “one good thing about music is when it hits you feel no pain”?
a.  Trenchtown Rock
b.  Buffalo Soldier
c.  Mr. Brown
d.  No Woman No Cry

8. What is the name of Bob Marley’s backup singers?
a.  Rita and Friends
b.  The Wailers
c.  The I-threes
d.  The Supremes

9. What Bob Marley song was covered by Eric Clapton, and became a number one hit?
a.  Redemption Song
b.  I Shot the Sheriff
c.  No Woman No Cry
d.  Could You be Loved

10. What is the name of the 4 CD Box Set by Bob Marley?
a.  Songs Of Freedom
b.  Legends
c.  Bob Marley and The Wailers’ Greatest Hits
d.  Uprising

11. Where did Bob Marley die??
a.  Berlin, Germany
b.  Miami, USA
c.  Kingston, Jamaica
d.  Trench Town, Jamaica

12. What was Bob Marley’s final album?? (This does not include the greatest hits)
a.  Uprising
b.  Exodus
c.  Babylon By Bus
d.  Talking Blues

13. What was Bob Marley’s Father name?? (This does not include the greatest hits)
a.  Peter Tosh
b.  John Marley
c.  Norval Marley
d.  Ziggy Marley

14. Do you know Bob Marley mother’s name?
a. Rita Marley
b. Marcia Griffiths
c. Mary Tosh
d. Cedella Marley-Booke

1. c. Judge Not
2. c. 1981
3. a.  Rita
4. b. 100,000
5. a. August 12,1976
6. b.  Sly and the family stone
7. a.  Trenchtown Rock
8. c.  The I-threes
9. b.  I Shot the Sheriff
10. a.  Songs Of Freedom
11. b.  Miami, USA
12. a.  Uprising
13. c.  Uprising
14. d. Cedella Marley-Booke


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