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Book Review: From Saddam Hussein To Barack Hussein: The Story of Change, Legacy, and Ascendancy

About the Book

            From Saddam Hussein To Barack Hussein: The Story of Change, Legacy, and Ascendancy communicates the paradoxical nature of change and leadership as processes shaping the very nature of existence, impacting the lives of ordinary and extraordinary individuals alike to forever alter the course of our world. This book chronicles the change process following an approximate decade of leadership, its ineffectiveness and effectiveness, and the breaking and making of strong leaders in national and global political contexts. This book uses the events and ideological processes of politics and leadership over the past approximate decade to explore change in both theoretical and practical ways. A unique perspective on change management principle is presented, and various insights into effective change processes and the role of exemplary and effective leadership are brought to light by examining the major personalities that have affected and effectuated change in our world.            

With an exceptional insight and perspective into the intermingling nature of fate as an instigator of change, declination, legacy, and emergence, the fall and rise of leaders and leadership ideologies are examined by looking at three major change agents that have made the first decade of the New Millennium historical: Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, and how their actions and decisions have impacted the world and its people. From the September 11 terrorist attacks, to the Iraq War and ongoing national and global economic crisis, the author leaves no stones unturned in this book which features complex issues cutting across business, economics, management, leadership, and political science. 

Book Reviews

“Donovan McFarlane has written a timely and wise book on change and leadership as they are impacting the American way of life and the rest of the world. A great read that uniquely bridges the gap between novelistic and academic discourse, the theoretical and the practical, while effectively bringing across critical messages, information, and knowledge to the reader.”

Cheryl M. Rattigan, Ed.D.
Adjunct Professor in Social Sciences
Nova Southeastern University, Florida.

“This is truly a book for our present time and situation. The author explores change and leadership in their many facets and has deep knowledge and understanding of the change process as it affects individuals, groups, organizations, cultures, and our world. This book is true to its title as it communicates “The Story of Change, Legacy, and Ascendancy” in an exciting and engaging manner. This is a good book about the politics of change and leadership.”

Xandria Hendricks, M.B.A.
Founder and Director
Allestra Recruiting, Inc., Florida.

“The author of this book understands the requirements and nature of change and effective political leadership – very real and compelling with insights and recommendations for positive and successful change: “Change is at the heart of organizational progress and success, individual transformation and growth. Those who fail to realize this and embrace change as life’s most dominant reality, especially in a globalized society, will find themselves perplexed by the occurrences in our world.” This is very true!”

Adeline A. Richards, M.S.H.R.M.
Argosy University, Sarasota Campus, Florida.

“Donovan McFarlane uses a very interesting approach to bring the concept of change through effective leadership alive, including its management, theory, and practice. With many practical realistic examples from our current national and global economic, political, physical, and social environments and contexts they discuss change as it affects progress, leadership, success, and individuals, organizations, and society. From Saddam Hussein to Barack Hussein is an interesting presentation of the changes that have shaped and are still shaping our lives and our world.”

Jeremy Chin, M.B.A.
Business Strategist and Consultant, Legal Industry
an Francisco, California.

“The author presents us with a book that accurately chronicles the change process from a macro-perspective involving political leadership. This book is a text on current history, change management practice and theory, leadership effectiveness, and a great read in national and global affairs that cuts across political, social, economic, cultural, and environmental terrains – a very dynamic presentation of change leadership affecting contemporary society and setting the trends for our future and world.”

Debrah A. McFarlane, M.A.Psy., B.S.Psy., B.A.S.Sc.
Doctoral Student, Mind-Body & Integrative Medicine
Northcentral University, Arizona.

“There is no doubt that the author knows exactly what he is talking about in this well-written, fluent, and riveting book. Professor McFarlane presents us with more than enough theory, practical knowledge, and discussions to make us yearn for more. I highly recommend this book to business managers, leaders, educators, and anyone who enjoys reading a phenomenal book and wants a dynamic and global perspective on change, leadership, and American politics. This book is an excellent read in management and politics which is suitable for adoption in college-university programs and courses that teach change, leadership, and social, economic, cultural, and political globalization.”

Angelina Heron, M.S.
Teacher and Tutor
New Visionary Learning Center, Florida.

About the Author

Donovan A. McFarlane is the Founder of THE DONOVAN SOCIETY LLC. He earned his BS and MBA from Nova Southeastern University, Graduate Certificate and M.I.B. from St. Thomas University, and D.B.A. from California Pacific. He has worked as an Adjunct Professor and University Tutor in Business for several years. He is a Marquis Who’s Who biographee and a graduate of several other institutions with advanced degrees and certifications in a variety of disciplines. He is the author of over 45 articles in professional and peer-reviewed academic journals such as the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice and Business Journal for Entrepreneurs.

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