Jamaicans.com 2011 Book Drive

Support The 10th Jamaicans.com Annual Jamaica Book Drive.
The next three months, (March- May 2011) Jamaicans.com is holding a book drive to benefit the Allen-Shaw Reading Room in Jamaica with a goal of collecting 100 children’s books by May 31st, 2011. We are asking for your help. We hope to distribute the books in Jamaica by August 30th, 2011

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Allen-Shaw Reading Room Mission Statement: To provide children in rural Jamaica with knowledge through books and cutting edge computer technology. To give them a window of opportunity to life beyond their limited boundaries and give them desire and hope to strive for excellence.

Annual Book Drive Thank You Letter From the Allen-Shaw Foundation, Inc

With the popular icons of the youths today trying to step out of the color of their skins, we have vamped up our campaign to highlight our Caribbean and Black authors along with making sure that the children see the shades of their faces in the books they read.  So along with all the other books and authors on our shelves, we want to make sure that they see that we are part of the diaspora of authors and characters on the pages of great literature.

The annual Jamaicans.com Book Drive is a major player in allowing the children of the community to have on hand, books that reflect the Caribbean culture, introduce readers to our authors, and provide them with the inspiration that their creativity will bring about great things.  We know we are creating writers, essayist and poets.  We will create access to an excessive volume of books that will keep encouraging our young people to read.

On behalf of our community and children of the Allen-Shaw Reading Room, I extend my gratitude for your continued support.

Paula Shaw
Allen-Shaw Foundation, Inc.


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You can send New books directly to: 
Paula Shaw
Colgate-Palmolive Company
300 Park Avenue
14th Floor
New York, NY 10022