Breadfruits roasting on an open fire (Sung to Chestnuts roasting on an open fire)

Breadfruits roasting on an open fire is written and performed by Jamaican reggae artist Yellowman. It is a Jamaican Reggae classic. It is sung to  “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.

Breadfruits roasting on an open fire
Mongrels nipping at your toes
Dancehall songs, being sung by a choir
‘An we dress up in we bashment clothes

Everybody knows,
When gungo cook an sorrel flow
Yu dun know seh season brite
Gal an bwoy wid them starlight a glow
Dem nah go waan fe sleep tonite

Dem know seh joyride deh pon the way
With music, rockin’ rockin thru de day
‘An all the chicken dem a try fi spy
Fi see is which one a dem is gwine to fry

‘An so, we want to big up everyone
All kidz from one to 92
Althou money dun
Have ‘hole heap a fun
Irie Chrismus, Irie Chrismus … to you.

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