Buju Banton Joins with John Legend to Release “Special” Love Song

After a successful collaboration 2009, Jamaican reggae artist Buju Banton and R&B star John Legend worked together again on a song entitled “Memories.” The new love song is the first single recording from the upcoming album by Banton “Upside Down,” which is his first studio album to be released since 2010 when he offered “Before the Dawn.” Discussing the new album with a representative of the Associated Press, Banton described the song as “a special one with my good friend John.” The duo last collaborated on the song “Can’t Be My Lover” in 2009. Legend expressed his excitement at the 2020 collaboration with Banton, noting that the Jamaican artist is “an icon” and that the song “is another classic.”



Banton is one of the most respected artists in reggae. He returned to the music scene after  his release from serving time in a United States federal prison on drug charges in December of 2018, he has released a number of single recordings. Commenting on his time away from the music scene, Banton said that he believes it has contributed to his “evolution” and hopes he will now be heard through his new work. He has made several significant moves in his career since his release, including making a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation entertainment firm, releasing the songs “Steppa” and “Trust,”  and performing in a historic comeback concert in 2019. The concert attracted the country’s biggest audience with over 30,000 people. Banton, who is 46 years old, said his new music is focused on displaying his maturity; he now describes himself as a “righteous and humble warrior.”

For his part, John Legend has been entertaining himself since the coronavirus lockdown in quarantine by live-streaming some of his music. Legend, 41, live-streamed a concert from his home in March 2020. The hour-long concert included hits like “All of Me,” “Everybody Knows,” and ”Conversations in the Dark.” Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen, formerly a model, joined in the live-stream wearing a towel and a urban and holding a glass of wine. She sat on top of his piano and sang along on versions of the theme songs from “The Office” and “Vanderpump Rule.”

Information and Photo Source: USA Today,  Instagram