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The Top 100 Reggae Songs From 1962 – 2017

top 100 reggae song

Jamaica gained independence in 1962 and about that time reggae music emerged. Reggae music has influenced the world and even started a few other genres of music. Over the years on my radio show, with the help of Clinton Lindsay, I compiled a list of songs from requests from listeners and past top songs lists. Here is a year by year rundown of The Top 100 Reggae Songs From 1962 – 2017.

PositionTitle of songArtist/s or GroupProducerYear
1||One Love||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1977
2||Poor mi isrealite||Desmond dekker & the aces||leslie kong||1969
3||Here I come||Dennis Brown||Tad dawkins||1984
4||Cherry Oh Baby||Eric Donaldson||Edward bunny lee||1971
5||You don’t care||The techniques||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
6||54-46 that’s my number||Toots & the maytals||leslie kong||1968
7||Satta Massa Gana||The Abyssinians||Bernard collins||1970
8||Natural Mystic||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1977
9||The harder they come||Jimmy Cliff||same||1972
10||Legalize it||Peter Tosh||Same||1976
11||Everything I own||Ken Boothe||Lloyd Cahmbers||1974
12||Wear you to the ball||Uroy & the paragons||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1970
13||No woman no cry||Bob Marley & the Wailers||Chris blackwell/steve smith||1974
14||Rivers of babylon||The melodians||leslie kong||1969
15||Revolution||Dennis Brown||Sly dunbar/Robbie Shakespear||1983
16||Marcus Garvey||Burning Spear||lawrenc jackruby lindo||1975
17||Loving Pauper||Dobby Dobson||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1968
18||Two sevens clash||Culture||Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1976
19||Love I can feel||John Holt||Clement coxsone dodd||1970
20||Waiting in vain||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1977
21||Sitting & watching||Dennis Brown||Sly Dunbar/Robbie Shakespear||1980
22||Book of the rules||The Heptones||Harry Johnson||1973
23||Queen Majesty||The techniques||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
24||Night Nurse||Gregory Isaacs||same||1982
25||Land of my birth||Eric Donaldson||Winston Wallace||1978
26||The tide is high||The paragons||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
27||Pass the kutchie||The mighty diamonds||Augustus gussie Clarke||1982
27||Who the cap fit||Bob Marley||same||1979
28||My boy lollipop||Millie smalls||Chris Blackwell||1964
29||No man is an Island||Dennis Brown||Clement coxsone dodd||1969
29||I’m still in love with you||Alton Ellis||Clement coxsone dodd||1967
30||Electric Boogie||Marcia Griffiths||Bunny Wailer||1982
31||Police & thieves||Junior Mervin||Lee Scratch Perry||1976
32||One Blood||Jr. Reid||same||1989
33||Get up stand up||Bob Marley & the Wailers||Chris Blackwell/the wailers||1973
33||Unchained||Bob Andy||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
34||War||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1974
35||Many rivers to cross||Jimmy Cliff||same||1972
36||Fade away||Jr. Byles||Joseph hoo kim||1975
37||Bam Bam||Sister Nancy||Winston Riley||1985
38||I need a roof||The mighty diamonds||Joseph hoo kim||1976
39||My conversation||slim smith & the uniques||Bunny Lee||1970
40||Tenement yard||Jacob Miller||Ian & Roger Lewis||1975
40||Now we’ve found love||Third World||Alex Sadkin/ Third world||1978
41||Talk about love||Pat Kelly||Phil Prat||1971
42||What kind of world||The Cables||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
43||I’ve got to go back home||Bob Andy||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
44||No No No||Dawn Penn||Clement coxsone dodd/Steely&Cleevie||68 /93
44||Three little birds||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1977
45||Get myself together||Dennis Brown||Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespear||1985
46||Big ship||Freddy Mcgreggor||Linval Thompson||1982
47||Should I||Dennis Brown||Tad dawkins||1984
48||Vanity||Sugar minott||Clement coxsone dodd||1975
49||Carry go bring come||Justin Hines / the dominoes||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1965
49||Have mercy||The mighty diamonds||Joseph hoo kim||1976
50||How could I leave||Dennis Brown Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1978
50||Breaking up||Alton Ellis||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
51||Rain from the sky||Delroy Wilson||Clement coxsone dodd||1967
52||Can I change my mind||Alton Ellis||Clement coxsone dodd||1969
53||Greetings||Half Pint||George Phang||1986
53||Black Cinderella||Errol Dunkley||Ivan Jimmy Radway||1972
54||Equal Rights||Peter Tosh||same||1977
55||One dance||Beres Hammond||Willie Lindo||1985
55||Johnny too bad||The Slickers||byron lee||1971
56||Soon forward||Gregory Isaacs||Gregory/ Sly & Robbie||1979
57||Moving Away||Ken boothe||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
58||Someone loves you||J.C. Lodge||Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1981
58||Love me forever||Carlton & the shoes||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
59||Puppet on a string||Ken boothe||Clement coxsone dodd||1967
60||Duppy or gunman||Ernie Smith||same||1974
60||Cottage in negril||Tyrone Taylor||same||1981
61||I shot the sheriff||Bob Marley & the Wailers||Chris Blackwell/the wailers||1973
62||Picture on the wall||Freddy  Mckay||Clement coxsone dodd||1970
63||Uptown top rankin||Althea & Donna||Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1977
63||Nanny Goat||Larry & Alvin Marshall||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
64||Breakfast in bed||Lorna bennett||Harry Johnson||1972
64||Bam Bam|| The maytals||byron lee||1966
65||Ram goat liver||Pluto shervington||Paul khouri||1974
66||Intensified ’68||Desmond dekker & the aces||leslie kong||1968
66||Ba Ba Boom||The Jamaicans||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
67||Redemption song||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1980
68||Perfidia||Phyllis dillon||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
68||Sarah||Frankie Paul||King Jammys||1987
69||Hold me tight||Johnny Nash||same||1968
70||Leave people business||Admiral Tibbett||Winston Riley||1989
71||Is this love||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1978
71||Stealing Love||Carlene Davis||Willie Lindo||1981
72||96 degrees in the shade||Third World||same||1977
73||Under mi sleng ting||Wayne smith||Lloyd king jammys James ||1985
73||Ring the alarm||Tenor Saw||Winston Riley||1985
74||007 Shanty town||Desmond dekker & the aces||leslie kong||1966
75||War inna Babylon||Max Romeo||Lee Scratch Perry||1977
75||Too Experience||Bob Andy||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
76||Baltimore||The Tamlins||Sly dunbar/Robbie shakespear||1980
77||I’m just a guy||Alton Ellis||Clement coxsone dodd||1967
77||Better must come||Delroy Wilson||Bunny Lee||1971
78||On the beach||The paragons||Arthur “Duke” Reid||1967
79||Solomon||Derrick harriott||same||1967
80||Armagideon Time||Willie Williams||Clement coxsone dodd||1978
80||Jammin||Bob Marley & the Wailers||same||1977
81||Members Only||Tyrone Taylor||Winston Riley||1985
82||One man against the world||Gregory Isaacs||Tappa Zukie / Gussie Clarke||1978
82||Take it easy||Hopeton Lewis||Sam mitchell/Keith scott||1967
83||Mr. boombastic||Shaggy||Tony Kelly/Bobby Digital/R. Livingston||1995
83||Telephone Love||J C Lodge||Augustus gussie Clarke||1988
84||Iron Lion Zion||Bob Marley||same||1992
85||One draw||Rita marley||Ricky walters/ashley grub cooper||1981
85||Housewives choice||Derrick Morgan/patsy||leslie kong||1962
86||Bad Boys||Inner Circle||Ian Lewis||1987
86||Feel like jumping||Marcia Griffiths||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
87||Murder she wrote||Chacka demus & Pliers||Sly dunbar/Robbie shakes||1982
87||Baby why||The Cables||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
88||Murderer||Barrington Levy||Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1984
89||If me have a girl||Nitty Gritty||King Jammys||1985
89||Thank you Lord||The Wailers||Clement coxsone dodd||1967
90||Tell me now||Marcia Griffiths||Clement coxsone dodd||1968
90||Nice up the dance||Michigan /Smiley||Clement coxsone dodd||1979
91||Here I come||Barrington Levy||Paul jah screw Love||1985
92||Arlene||General Echo||Winston Riley||1985
93||Herbman hustling||Sugr Minott||Sugar Minott & Peter Thompson||1984
93||Guess who is coming to dinner||Black Uhuru||Sly Dunbar / Robbie Shakespear||1983
94||Oh Carolina||Folks Brothers/Count Ossie||Prince Buster||1963
94||Action||Nadine Sutherland/Terror Fabulous||Dave Kelly||1993
95||Pass the dutchie||Musical Youth||Tony Owens||1982
95||Boxing||Cornell Campbell||Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1979
96||Buddy bye||Johnny Osbourne||King Jammys||1984
96||Movie star||Errol Dunkley||same||1971
97||Caan Dun||Shabba Ranks||King Jammys||1991
98||My woman||Barrington Levy||Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson||1984
98||Under Pressure||Super cat||King Jammys||1985
99||This Magic Moment||Leroy Gibbons||King Jammys||1987
100||Sorry||Foxy Brown||Steely & Clevie||1989
100||Love me forever||Cynthia Schloss||Winston Blake||1985

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My show is called Reggae Voyage is based out of Middletown, Connecticut and the purpose is to educate, inform, inspire and entertain the audience about the rich culture and heritage of our West Indian people on a positive level through music. We have live interviews and reviews of all major events and topics that are a part of the diaspora while promoting talented artists from the CARIBBEAN. The show airs on WESU 88.1fm Saturdays from 8-10pm. Listen live at www.wesufm.org.

About the Author:
Donovan Longmore is an avid entrepreneur who has over 25 years in the entertainment, finance and healthcare industries. Born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica, it was always a pleasure for this music guru to listen and carefully studied on-air personalities. Donovan migrated to the U.S. in the early 80’s with a vision of making Jamaica a better place for all. Surprised at the limited access of Caribbean music on local radio stations, he wanted to make a vast change. Improvements were made as technology and music became more commercialized.

A strong believer in promoting positive ideas and talents, he is the President of Earth Angel Productions – a gospel-based company that promotes gospel talent searches for young people and bring souls to Christ. His tireless efforts have earned him numerous awards over the years. Mr. Longmore was honored by the City of Hartford and Springfield for his leadership role on the Radio and in the communities which he serves. In 2015 he was given an official Citation by the State of Connecticut General Assembly and was recognized for his humanitarian work as an Exceptional Community Service Leader at the Extraordinary People Awards held in Dallas, Texas. He received the “One Hundred Men of Color” Award at the Gala in October 2015 and was given Citations from the cities of Springfield, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut respectively. He is a board member of the West Indian Independence Celebrations and Taste of the Caribbean & Jerk Festival; two of the largest festivals in North America that generates over 40,000 people annually. His love for humanity garnered him to be a chairperson for PLOG– a non-profit organization in Ghana, Africa that provides skill training and support for underprivileged children. Mr. Longmore is a speaker/moderator for both International Youth Peace Conference and the Singles Ministry “When destiny meets purpose”.
A loving and devoted father, mentor, tutor, speaker and basketball coach; he credits his mother for teaching him the way of life, “GOD and Family First”. Mr. Longmore passionately believes that all things are possible through Christ. He hosts a radio program entitled “Reggae Voyage” on Saturdays at 8:30 pm on WESU 88.1FM (www.wesufm.org). The purpose of the show is to educate, inspire, inform, and entertain the community while spreading the Love and Culture of the Caribbean through Music and conversations. His passion is to do public speaking for youths, as well as, missionary work and promote programs and educational events that will help improve the lives and conditions of people. Mr. Longmore and his wife Jackie are putting together a non-profit organization to help needy children in Jamaica. This is part of his marketing concept that was created in an effort of making for a Better World through healing, skilled training, media, business, music, fashion, sports, movies, education, and social networking. In May of 2017, Mr. Longmore hosted the 5th Annual Miss Plus Size Universe International Pageant taking place in Trinidad & Tobago. He will receive another Humanitarian and Community leader award in September 2017 from DEEDEE Entertainment in Maryland.

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