Jamaican Herbal Remedies


The following is a short list of Jamaica herbs, plants, trees and bushes that are used for various medical purposes. We by no means endorse any of these bushes, so use at your own risk.

NameMedical Use
Arrow RootPowdered arrow root is boiled in water For diarrhoea
AureliiaFor colds and fever.
Aloe Vero aka Synkle-BibleA cleanse, acne, and used as a laxative.
Bissy For food poisioning and upset stomach.
CerasseeFor colds, stomach problems and laxitive.
Chainy Root- Wild yam root, China Root, Hog HeadSaid to be a tonic.
Fresh CutFor poultice and colds.
Fever GrassFever and colds.
GingerUsed with honey and lime for colds and flu.
SarsaparillaWidely used for arthristis, and other pains of the body. Excellent relief for ring worm.
ComfreyFor diarrhoea, Colds and coughs, sprains, arthritis.
CornSilk -The hair of the corn (tea) Kidney and bladder problems.
Dandelion aka Wild coffee/Piss-a-bed.Skin disorders, jaundice, bladder, liver and dropsy.
Ganja- (tea, eyedrops)Glaucoma, diabetes, asthma.
Jack in th bush (tea)Cold, fever and influenza.
John Charles (tea)For colds, gout and tightness and the chest.
Leaf of lifeFor swelling, colds, bronchitis, hypertension, headaches.
Nettle aka Sting Nettlefor bladder and kidney problems.
Orange peel (tea)Stomach aches.
Spirit WeedFor cold, epilepsy, headachees and ulcers.
Shane O Lady aka Shame A Macka.For colds, chest pains, stomach pains
Soursop LeavesFor colds
Spanish NeedleFor Colds and colic.
Periwinkle aka Ramgoat rosesFor diarrhoea, and nervous conditions

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