Jamaicans react to Bruce Jenner transition to Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympian formerly known as  Bruce Jenner, is featured on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair wearing her hair in loose curls in a white bustier corset.  It is her first portrait since transitioning from male to female.  It was one of the hottest trending topics on social media. Here are some comments on Facebook, from Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals on Caitlyn Jenner:

D.G. – One word abomination.

A. L. – Wow!! He … sorry … she … looks good!! Him get cover already? Ay, mi rate dem people yah!! Yes Bruce. Yes! Caitlyn!

J.S. – Why don’t they keep these things private?

S.H. – Still look like a man. Lord have mercy because the devil is alive and loose.

J.B. – I don’t know why Caitlyn rubs me the wrong way?? I support and love the LGBTQ community- so i can’t figure out why I’m not into this crossover.

C.B. – Why is this news?

P.P. – Can you imagine our sons meeting one of these men masquerading as women. May God have mercy on this generation

L.H. – Gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things people!!! Unlikely Jenner will start liking men now. Many “normal ” people walking around normal and miserable. People need to live their lives. Perhaps by doing this so publicly Jenner saved a child in gender crisis from suicide. You never know who you touch by sharing your story.

D.M. – Rahtid…my bwoy was serious – hope he is happy now…

I.G. – OH MYYYY GOODDDD! What a beautiful photoshoot!! ….. Bruce…. oops I mean CAITLAN is quite the hottie!

S.I. – I can understand a woman wanting to become a man, Freud expounded on it brilliantly. Why on earth however would a man want to become a woman? Why give up the pleasure of having a penis for a vagina? Apart from the clitoris there’s no other part of the female body capable producing an orgasm arguably as intense as having a penis. No wonder why #brucegender had a panic attack after surgery…lol Biggest mistake of his life! He sentenced himself to a life devoid of pleasure!