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Can I give the man the summons in the late night?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I didnt serve the summons because the man is hiding out since he found out I am suing him for my money. My bearer went to the address and was told that he left someone in charge to take care of his farm. We found out that his mother and brother lives up the road, and he goes there in the night. I am wondering if I should ask the bearer to lay wait him and give it to him in the night.
Jana Ellis


RESPONSE: Dear Jana,
Serving a summons at night is against all rules of the Court. In your case, you should go to Court and make an application to serve the man who owes instead of him in person. The Court staff or a lawyer can assist you to draft the application and all relating documents. Then when you get your permission, you can serve whoever you have permission to give.
Legal Wiz

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