Can my brother sell the house my sis and I built on his land in Jamaica?
QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My sister built a house with my help on land in Saint Catherine, Jamaica, that our brother owns. Recently he told her that he wants to sell the house and the land because he wants to move to another part of the country. I called him and he refuses to speak with me. I called the lawyer who my sister says gave her a notice and nobody wants to discuss anything with me. I told her not to move and she said they are taking her to Court.
I do not have any money to hire a lawyer to  go to Court right now. What can I do?
Rose Blight
Dear Rose,
It is likely that you can get compensation for the house built by you and your sister, and you should discuss your options with someone qualified to assist you. There are many attorneys in Jamaica who charge differently, and you did not indicate the budget you are working with. We could assist you in locating one, or you may even want to seek assistance at one of the local legal aid clinics located islandwide.
Legal Wiz