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Can the money from the old power of attorney document be used on a new one?

QUESTION: Dear Legal wiz,
I sent a power of attorney down to Jamaica for someone to operate for me. It got rejected at the Registration office because I didnt send the certificate confirming that the notary was authorised to sign.
I am sending another POA and the certificate because I simply do no have time and money to get the original and take it to the State to get the document from them. Do I have to pay again.. why cant I just transfer the fees I aid already.
Victor Warren
RESPONSE: Dear Victor,
Just to let you know, you can get the fees transferred to the new document you will send. The person who is dealing with it for you however must first go to the Stamp office and take the necessary steps to transfer the stamp duty paid, before attempting to transfer the fees paid at the Registrar General’s Department.
Be also mindful that any new fee or increased imposed before the transfer to the new document.
Legal Wiz
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