Can wife return after 23 years and claim Jamaica house

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My wife of three years migrated to the States. After a year she started talking funny to me and sometimes a man answered my calls. Eventually I stopped hearing from her. She didnt even send money to help me with the expenses of the children or the house which I’ve improved on by far.
Now 23 years later I served our son a Court summons to empty the garage area where he placed a lock and stored his belongings because he hasnt live with me in over six years. He is now telling me that half of the property belongs to his mother and she put him there so I cant evict him.
Please tell me how I can get rid of the two of them, because he only lived there two years and when she left he was only three years old literally. In all this time I didnt take her name off the title so I wonder if I will win, so please do some research and let me know.
Bruce Gammon


RESPONSE: Bruce Gammon
Bruce, with an attorney’s help you should take the steps to get her name removed from the title. However whether or not her name is removed, you are likely to win your case in Court if you rely on good guidance from a thorough attorney. There are several laws that govern your situation which has multiple issues. One of them relates to the fact that your wife seemingly abandoned both the marriage and the property.
Another law will guide you on your the valid reasons to remove your son as for one, he is there with your permission.
It cannot be stressed enough how necessary it is for you to get a good lawyer who is meticulous, patient, and forbearing. If you’d like, we can forward you to an attorney within our circle.
Legal Wiz

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