Its time to go home

Well, I think it’s time for me to go home. This year is not going well. I have extra classes, a much smaller room and I really think everybody at school is in a big conspiracy to get me out of Marine Biology. Let me tell you what happened.

I had a field trip yesterday to the Salt Marshes. I however, will refer to it as the swamp (it’s shorter and more apt I think). We went to the swamp to see the type of vegetation and environment was there (grass and algae!). Anyway, the first thing we did was climb up this little hill to survey the land and guess who fell . Going down the hill I just decided that it would be much easier if I slid down the hill and so that’s what I did. After that as we continue to walk on ground that was no longer made of dirt but algae I started to realize that maybe the sneakers that I was wearing might not be suitable. I don’t know what might have tipped me off it might have been that fact that my teachers were all wearing hip waders and rubber boots but nevertheless I figured I’d keep going. Then it got interesting.

We went further into the swamp and as my friends know (hi Jonathan,Grayson,Karina,Christopher and Martin – see I promised I’d mention you =) ) I’m a bit of a klutz but as I’m trudging through the muck past the crabs and bush someone did drop because the mud sucked off her shoe and she kept walking. One girl was all wearing slippers. However, there was one guy who made me sick. You know those perfect people who just can do no wrong? Well, one was on the trip. Me in my jeans had mud up to my knee he had decided to wear white jeans and Doc martens. Did the mud dare touch him no, they decided to splatter on me instead. He had like two dots on his jeans and spent the whole time complaining. I spent my time picking out his imperfections (he had a zit).

Luckily I got through the trip without falling but now I have clothes that I have just washed that still stink due to the hydrogen sulphur bacteria that were rather prevalent there. Jonathan I think I agree with your decision to leave sciences and I’m Joining you in psych. Wish me luck I have another one in 2 weeks.