Never travelling American Airlines

I am never travelling American Airlines ever again. They are not something special in the air. Let me tell you what happened and then maybe you can tell me if these things happen to you too or if it’s just me.

Due to the strike I had to fly back this summer through American Airlines. air Canada took care of all the arrangements and gave me some things called fims(remember this) that were just computer printouts that they said I had to use as my plane tickets. I took them and prepared to take three flights to get to Halifax, right after the Swissair 111 crash. Anyway, I woke at 4 in the morning to take my first flight at 7 and when I got there the attendant took my fims and gave me all three of my boarding passes. This is where the smooth travelling of the trip ended. Once I got to Miami I had to wait for hours for the next flight only to hear when I got to the boarding gate that what I had was not a fim and that they had never seen this before. I had to argue with them and show them my boarding passes before they finally decided to take them only to get on the most miserable flight I have ever had.

My seat was next to a woman who was changing her baby on my seat. I won’t even tell you what it was that the baby had done. When I finally got to sit down I didn’t want to but I had to and the lady said nothing to me . Then as the flight continued another woman across the aisle started screaming in Spanish. She was right by a window so I didn’t know if she’s seen something that shouldn’t be on the plane because remember Swissair had just crashed too or if there was going to be a high-jacking and I was not going to be one of the brave ones. Then I heard her yelling about El Chupacabra which if anyone has watched X-Files is the goat killer (they did a whole show on that) so I started praying to get off the flight as fast as I could especially once I start to smell something coming from the baby again. This time I thought the lady would go to the bathroom so I got up. She didn’t . She took the opportunity of me getting up to put her baby on my seat and at this point I said she should go to the bathroom which she did finally. Only she also felt that it was unnecessary to have two tray table down while we ate the peanuts that AA gave us for dinner and used mine. Finally the plane landed in Boston for my last connecting flight only to be delayed for 6 hours.

Now remember the fims? After waiting for 6 hours for a flight that should have gotten me into Halifax at 9 to get me in at 2 in the morning the lady at the counter refused to send me on the plane because what I had was not a fim and she would not accept it as a fim. By this time I’ve made friends on this flight so they’re all asking the lady what the problem is but she won;t take the fim and instead made someone write a ticket for me only to get on the smallest propeller plane that I have ever been on. It did small and we were flying right over Peggy’s Cove so when that plane started to buck I started to pray. They also apologized for being so late because they’d gotten a broken plane so I asked the stewardess if it was the same plane we were on and she said no luckily or else I would have jumped out. Finally I made it into Halifax but I don’t think I will ever be travelling on American Airlines ever again.