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Cheap Jamaican Boyfriend Who Never Pays – Ask a Jamaican Guy


Q: I have been dating a Jamaican guy for 6 months now and he never seems to have money. When we go out he always seems to forget his wallet and I end up paying for everything. It’s not like he can’t pay because he has a job, his own apartment and a nice car. When we first started dating he took care of everything but once we got serious and he became my exclusive  boyfriend things changed.

A: As we would say in Jamaica, this man is a “ginal” (trickster). Think back when you first started dating, didn’t you see signs of him being a cheapskate? These habits just don’t happen suddenly. Now with that said, can you live with this “liberty taking” man who is going to mooch off you all the time? Money is one of the top 3 causes for break-ups in marriages and relationships. Can you afford this relationship?

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