Jamaica National Song – “I Pledge My Heart"

Growing up in Jamaica children had to learn the National Song for schools, “I Pledge My Heart”.  It would be sung at the beginning of the school day at devotions or before students when to class. In many cases the Jamaican Anthem was sung first and then the song “I Pledge My Heart”.  The song was written by the Hon. Victor Stafford Reid (May 1, 1913 – August 25, 1987). The music for the National Song for Schools is set to the patriotic British song “I Vow To Thee My Country,”.

Below are words to the song and a video of children singing the song.


 ”I Pledge My Heart:”

I pledge my heart forever
To serve with humble pride
This shining homeland, ever
So long as earth abide.

I pledge my heart, this island
As God and faith shall live
My work, my strength, my love and
My loyalty to give.

O green isle of the Indies,
Jamaica, strong and free,
Our vows and loyal promises
O heartland, ‘tis to Thee.


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