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Book Review – ‘Chocolate Flavored’, a Collection of Poems and Short Stories

About the Book

We’ve all been hurt before. We’ve all faced the challenge of healing. But men are often times viewed as ‘tough, without feelings, no emotions’. But men do hurt just as women do. Women are strong enough to become conquerors of their emotional battles. Children are people too and have a desire to be heard. ‘Chocolate Flavored’ is a collection of poems and short stories that uses words to express hidden thoughts. It journeys to the depths of hearts. It reveals unspoken words that unmask hidden souls.

Through its usage of words listen to a man’s unspoken words. Understand a child’s hidden pain. Survive with the mother who struggles. Journey to Jamaica. Explore Tobago and Africa. Let God heal your broken heart and uplift your downtrodden-ed soul through its inspirational words.

It is only when we honestly face our fears, hurts, joy, disappointments, and triumphs that we heal. We exhale and live again. We embrace our unmasked soul and rise again. Begin that journey with ‘Chocolate Flavored’ the collection of poems and short stories that truly inspires.

Words touch the core of our souls. A word of encouragement is all that is needed to revive our hearts. ‘Chocolate Flavored’ through its poems and short stories revives. Through its honest expression of words pretense is nonexistent. ‘Chocolate Flavored’ is enticing to read because it reaches the heart to satisfy the soul.

Karlene Robinson believes “people can find the strength to overcome hurdles and challenges. Friends may not always be around to encourage. Or sometimes our pride hinders our healing. Words of encouragement do soothe our hurts and disappointments. So when we can relate to written words we will then find triumph in our trials.” ‘Chocolate Flavored’ holds the key to the door that leads to healing.

Karlene Robinson will be at Walden Bookstore in Green Acres Mall on June 17th, 2006 between 12 noon and 3 pm. For further information regarding this event contact Shatema at Walden Bookstore at (516) 561-0077.

About the Author

Karlene A. Robinson was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At sixteen she moved to Brooklyn, New York. She now resides in Rosedale, New York with her husband and two children. She graduated from Nassau Community College and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at Saint Joseph’s College. Her poems reflect the challenges faced by women, children, men – humans. They speak of the joys and sorrows, hurts and triumphs of the struggles of life. A struggle she herself knows all too well.

‘Chocolate Flavored’ [ISBN: 0-595-39220-2] heals and inspires. It was published in April 2006 and is available at barnesandnoble.com, Walden Book Store in Green Acres Mall, amazon.com, and iuniverse.com.

About the author

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