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Photo Highlights – Chronixx Skankin Sweet in Prospect Park Brooklyn


Any ting free eena N.Y.C, di people dem gravitate like white pan rice…..so it was no surprise to see the amount of people who tun up fi si Chronixx and his Zincfence Band headline di show.

There were two other acts that performed before he took the stage. I never heard of Chop and Quench, and Laolu NYC, but I must say that they gave an impressive performance. The music gave life to the sounds from Africa, and Haiti.

It does not matter what kind of music we listen to, even if we do not understand the words, the rhythms, the singing, the dancing, the beat of the drums, the interaction with the audience…..all these culminate to make us bond, and know that music is love.

I know the crowd was pleased with the artists, but the magnitude of pleasure was turned up a notch, when di man from Spanish Town tek di stage.

Ah don’t know di man, but his demeanor while performing was so humble, cool, and calm. Even if you have not listened to the music of Chronixx, and you heard his voice in that park, you had to stop, and smile…. not only “smile for Jamaica”, but for yourself. The words of his songs are so potent… words that touch the heart…makes you think about life, your culture…your humanity.

“They don’t know” nuff people ah “smile”, cause di tradewind blow trouble…that is Chronixx who came to rock the “Roots and Chalice” fi di rasta man party…bald head party, black and white party, one love party. Here comes di danger, Chronixx the dread, eena Brooklyn, fi spread love to all his fans… “Skankin Sweet,” on the stage and everybody feeling irie.

The place had a warm harmonious feeling, that only the sounds of music could transcend. This young rasta man with such charisma and impressive articulation, speaks volume of what is yet to come. His wisdom, his knowledge, his intellect is way beyond his years.

As he closed the show, the people wanted more, but the man from De La Vega sang words that resonated throughout all… continuing to spread harmony, love, hope and peace with his words of “Never give up”, “ain’t no givin in.”


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