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Even though Los Angeles is hundreds of miles from Jamaica, you can still keep abreast of the latest dances like “pon the river”, “row da boat” and “signal da plane” seen in the clubs. There is an annual dancehall queen contest and Stone Love dances are heard as well! To look good at the clubs is the key and club goers can be seen wearing the latest fashion of Burberry, Prada, Guess, Roca Wear and Armani.

If you come early (before 10 PM), admission can be as low as $5 (US) for some dancehall events and often times ladies get in free!

“Chocolate Bar” takes place every Saturday night at Gabah. While not a purely Jamaican themed night, it’s a mix of classic hip hop that moves into more modern tunes and eventually dancehall and other music being played in JA now. Surprisingly enough, when you see the Korean DJ take over, get ready to get down. It draws a small devoted group of Jamaicans dancing like only we know how, with a mix of Californians and sometimes your young, hip Japanese tourists.

4658 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3330
Phone: (323) 664-8913

Here is a list of some reggae clubs in Los Angeles:

  • The Atlas
  • Jamaica Live @ The Dragon Fly
  • Asylum @ Wilshire Club
  • Jamaica Gold @ The Key Club
  • Reggae Club @ 49 Clubs
  • Dancehall Night @ The Galaxy

If you’d like to get more information about clubs/events in Los Angeles, check out these web sites:

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