Coastal Communities In Danger!

Coastal Communities In Danger

Climate change unlike El Nino, La Nina and Global warming was unheard of ahead of hurricane Katrina; which destroyed much of New Orleans in 2005. The french quarter ecosystem took a severe blow. Last year Hurricanes Dorian, Florence, Maria, Irma, Harvey brought more devastation to our global community in low lying regions. Category 4, 5 hurricanes are not the norm. Disasters are future problems we face.

Farming, fishing, forestry are industries which are on the brink of a crisis. Climate change is forcing us to improve irrigation techniques. The G20 leaders have put clean energy on the top of things facing humanity. Competition for water is also increasing between countries. Hot spots of water disputes from the Ganges, Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, and the Jordan. Within the USA interstate squabbles continue for fastest growing areas of California, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona.

Water is a basic necessity without it there is no life. Rising Ocean levels on low lying islands create new challenges. Tornado, Tsunami, and major Hurricanes. The tropical systems usually feed off seasonal warm temperatures before making landfall. The Caribbean basin as well as the Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico wait for a major coastal city to someday get hit as part of the threat of Climate change. Victims of past hurricane have manage to come back from the ruins and rebuild their lives. Time to teach the peoples, nations, languages to embrace Climate change in order to survive.

Hawaii Islands, Mexico, Haiti, California, Alaska, Indonesia, and Australia have witnessed Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires, smoke, pestilence, the darkness of moon, sun, stars and sky. Scorn on religion in favor of Godless lusts. Many who profess Christianity believe the wicked will forever burn in hell. The wages of sin is death. In Florida sea polluted, rivers, springs, wormwood, red algae, poisoned water. Water pollution threatens drinking water. Citrus canker wipes out prized agriculture industries. Citrus canker is a bacterial disease of citrus that causes premature leaf and fruit drop. Citrus canker is highly contagious and can spread rapidly.

According to the BBC News, US President Donald Trump has called Climate Change “mythical”, “Non-existent” ,” Expensive hoax”. But also “a serious subject that is important”.

Greta Tunberg 17 year old Swedish climate activist says she thinks “if people get together and stand for Climate Change then that can have a huge difference to put pressure on the people in power to actually hold them accountable and say you need to do something now.”

In late 2019 into 2020 Australia wild bush fires killed 34 people and over a billion animals. 3500 homes were destroyed. The bush fires burned some 46 million acres (72,000) square miles. The economic impact exceed US 2.9 billion. Over 240,000 people were evacuated. Scientist believe Global warming increased the risk of hot,dry weather which caused bush fires by at least 30 %.

In California for a second year wild fires have ravaged thousands of acres of land. More than 100,000 citizens had to be evacuated. Since summer about 14,600 acres (5900) hectares have been engulfed.

In the past few days the island of Jamaica have had severe flood rains. Widespread dislocation and landslides. The basic infrastructure including building, roads, drains and bridges were blocked due to debris.

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