Commentary: The failure of the Caribbean Maritime Institute

It is very troubling that the Caribbean Maritime Institute is not living up to the expectations of the students and their parents who have struggled to pay fees to help their children become responsible adults in their chosen career. For over 3 years student who have been enrolled at the Institute have not been able to complete their training and move out into the world to seek employment. They have taken exams from last June and up to the time of writing have not received the results. In addition they were allowed to attend a Graduation ceremony, receiving a Certficate for an incomplete course of study. There are also some older students who are in classes with the Freshmen which is sure recipe to demotivate these students. Some students are trailing subjects from their first exams which they must re-sit and pass in order to have a designation from the Institute, which will confirm their training, thereby making them eligible for employment in this field.

 I am now asking: Why has this vital Institute been allowed to be operated in this dysfunctional manner which could prove to have negative long-term impact on the lives of these students? Why is the Administrative body allowed to hold their jobs when they are not fulfilling their obligations to these students? Since when is it considered the Professional Practice to carry students part-way in a study Programme and leave them hanging, not being able to pursue job search or further courses of study? This is an unethical, immoral, dishonest and unprofessional way to run this vital Institute that serves the Caribbean people. Are these the role models that our students are supposed to emulate? I am sure they continue to collect their salaries while showing callous disregard for the young men and women who entrusted their training to them at great personal and financial sacrifice.

Will the government do something by getting these people to do the jobs they are being paid to do and not stand in the way of students’ progress?