Conversation with Jamaican blogger, TV host and social media maven, Chelan Smith aka Mamachel

She is described as odd & peculiar. Never one to back down from a challenge. This week we have a conversation with with Jamaican Blogger, TV host and social media maven, Chelan Smith aka Mamachel. Her popular website and video blog, “The Adventures of Mamachel”, chronicles her escapades. Here is our conversation with Mamachel. 


Q: Tell us about your typically day?
My day starts off around 6:45 I head to the gym and spend around 2 hrs there then I come home and I’m working on my couch from there.
Sometimes I have an interview to do radio/television but usually I am working from home. Social Media Management is my main job.

Q: Do you every disconnect from Social Media?
Maybe 90% when I am around specific people. I will endeavour to give them my full attention so I’ll plan up and schedule my work so I have free time. Even then I will check at intervals to make sure no fires are blazing.

Q. Has there been a day when your phone died and you had a great story to tell but could not access social media?
Most definitely this has happened and sometimes I just look at it as divine intervention and call it a day.

Q. What is your favorite video from your blog?
Hmmm I think it wld have to be any of the ones from my beach days. I love the water that is my thing and it shows just how carefree I can be

Q. Tell us about your social media audience reactions to your blog and videos?
I find it pretty interesting to watch. There are certain topics that I KNOW my audience loves e.g. man and woman argument. But they are also very much into things like breast cancer awareness and police brutality. I think my audience is pretty broad and that allows me to get things done.

Q. Every video blogger can remember a blog that was a disaster. Which one of the video blogs would you say was a disaster and difficult to put together?
I used to do movie reviews pretty regular and I remember I did a really really funny and great one all in one take and the person holding the camera hadn’t pressed record. Maaaan I was pissed and the second take was good but not like the first.

Q. Do you have any new projects in the works?
Currently I’m trying to get a functional video camera so I can post my vlogs more often. I wanted to start giving viewers a glimpse into my life each week. Unfortunately, technology had a different idea.

Q. My favorite guilty pleasure is…
Shoes … I’m a recovering shoe- a holic but im slowly but surely falling off the wagon. I have enablers around me.

Q. Seven day, six night, all expense paid, my vacation destination is…
Greece or Thailand

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any closing thoughts and words of wisdom you want to tell our audience about social media?
A lot of times things happen behind the scenes and you have to keep your smile and graces about you. I have learned over time that people are paying attention and so I take it seriously and try to keep my opinion as unbiased as possible. Oftentimes people will not agree with what you have to say but I have my checklist : 1. Was this biased? 2. Are you being fair? 3. Is it unnecessarily hurtful or just honest? Once I can answer those in good conscience I don’t allow anyone else to cow me down. I guess what I’m trying to say is although you are in the public eye you Have to stay true to yourself. The minute you switch your audience can feel it. 

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