Conversation with Kitty Fashionz Swimsuite designer, Jamaican Candice Peart

This week we have a conversation with Candice Peart the owner of Kitty Fashionz. Candice  is a young, ambitious, woman, aspiring to show her creativity through various art forms. In June of 2008, Candice began designing clothing and found she had a passion for swim wear. Candice’s brand for her swim line, has been featured in multiple fashion shows in Jamaica.  She is an upcoming Jamaican designer and one to watch. Here is our conversation with Candice.

What inspired you to create Kitty Fashionz and where does the name come from?
-Kitty Fashionz came about as a result of 3 things :1. Me always not being able to find swimsuits that matched my top and bottom, 2. Knowing I could add my own twist to make each swimsuit unique and 3. Satisfying the diverse figures of my clients while provigind for my son (I’m a single mom). The name Kitty Fashionz, comes from a nickname given to me by a very dear friend which inspired a tattoo I have and now my fashion brand

What has been your greatest obstacle/challenge?
-Sourcing fabric that is of the right quality for a suitable price and also finding investors. Both of which unfortunately I have to try to get overseas due to limited availability in Jamaica

How many lines of swimwear do you currently have under the label?
-I am still in the evolutionary stage where lines are concerned But if I had to define my unique pieces, I would say that I had a FLOW inspired line for my first major fashion show at the Ritz Carlton in December 2010 where my pieces featured mainly the colours of the media company FLOW. The most recent was designed for the December 2011 staging of Escape to Luxury at Ritz Carlton where the pieces were inspired by the elements of nature.

You recently launched a new swim suite line. What was the inspiration behind the line?
-The last line was inspired by the things of nature that inspired me, earth tones and just how nature makes me feel. Many times I get inspired by sunsets and cloud formations too.

Do you cater to women of all sizes?
– I actually do. Seeing as I am not exactly skinny myself, I try to accommodate most body sizes. My advantage is that I do custom swim wear so it is tailored to fit the client. Believe me, it makes a world of a difference when something is made just for you.

When did you first fall in love with fashion?
-To be honest, I’m not in love with Fashion, I don’t live for it, I just have a strong passion for being unique. I like going out and getting compliments just for wearing something that has my special edge added to it.

How would you describe your own personal style?
– My personal style is regular with a twist. I don’t go out of my way to buy what is the latest. I will wear the same outfit twice but it will have slight adjustments to make it look different. I like to think of it as my way of going green.

Describe your fashion mission?
– My fashion mission is comfort with style and added edge at an affordable price.

Which designers do you love right now?
-I would say the designer I really admire right now is Ernesto Castro from the Dominican Republic who lives and works here in Jamaica. He is stunning and works hard at making his pieces look like art in motion.

What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more of us wore?
-Swim suits . I think variety is good so I would not say one particular type of clothing as the decision would be based on the event and if it’s appropriate.

Any plans to start a line outside of swimwear?
-I do wish to do a line outside of swimwear, I actually would like to do a male line, under a more macho brand but I think this will be in the works in another 3 years or so once Kitty Fashionz is fully established and has a full team.

Anything we should look out for from you in the coming weeks/months/year?
-Fashion show case in October. Can check out my fanpage on facebook for more information Will soon be having pieces for purchase in Beach Whites Boutique at the Boardwalk Village in Negril. Over the next few weeks there will also be various specials only accessible through the fanpage. In about a year or so persons will be able to place orders through my website

Fashion tip for the season?
– My only fashion tip is add your own flavor and always dress comfortably.

In a nutshell, your philosophy is?
-Work hard for what you want. When you feel like giving up take a break but never give up and always remember there is no greater fulfillment than knowing you completed a dream.

Thanks for the interview. Any closing thoughts?
We appreciate the efforts of your team at to expose Jamaican culture to the global online community. Visit us whenever you are in Negril! Looking forward to a follow up interview in a another 2 years or so