Culture Corner at Yardabraawd Art Gallery was a hit

“….Culture Corner was a hit for those in attendance, and as one guest puts it “Great event and I can only see it getting betterer and betterer…”

The vision is to have a safe and comfortable space for persons of similar interests to lime and vibe on an evening, while enjoying refreshments, edifying entertainment and visually appealing art work!

By all accounts “Culture Corner with Dr Sue at Yardabraawd Art Gallery” achieved all this and more at its inaugural event Saturday February 25, 2017.  The event featuring the award winning Poet Malachi Smith, was attended by a cross section of guests, diverse in ages, cultural background and creative interests.

Says the guests…..“Culture Corner with Dr. Sue paid homage to the true meaning of “culture”. The night was filled with fire of rhyme and rhythm; poems and songs capturing my soul…taking me to another world. A place of cultural fulfilment. Malachi Smith, Dr Sue, and guest performers gave us an intense, live wire performance that left us begging for more. I am anxiously awaiting next month’s performances and great vibes. Great job Dr. Sue. Thumbs way up.”

“Saturday evening’s cultural event hosted by Dr. Sue, was a refreshing addition to the Jamaican social scene in Ft. Lauderdale. The venue, Yardabraawd enhanced the experience as her guests were surrounded by Richard Blackford’s art and were entertained with Malachi Smith’s poetry. It’s definitely an event worthy of a repeat attendance.”

The evening’s donations will be presented to the JDETF’s Pledge2Build Campaign.  It’s a parish competition to build/rebuild schools in Jamaica…make a donation today at

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