Danger In Daegu

Carter to Frater to Blake to Bolt

Electrified like ten million volts

For Jamaica shock out in di 4 by 1

Wid an epic mind-blowing world record run

In di 100 metres Bolt false start

Did expect fi get gold but en up wid naught

Blake tek dat as di youngest champ

While Carter falter wid a bad leg cramp

Bolt did vex but seh him never cry

An tek di 200 wid blood in him eye

So we en up wid gold in di 1 an di 2

But in di 4 by 1 what would we do?

Lee did anchor di team in di heat

But fi di final dem ask Usain fi dweet

Di record was ours but could we go faster?

And could we achieve it without Asafa?

Jamaica, USA, France an St. Kitts

Italy, Poland, di Trinis an di Brits

Everybody get set in di starting blocks

Den di gun go off an dem start di clock

Carter tek off like a bullet from a gun

With a scintillating first leg run

Hand over to Frater in di lead

Who run wey lef dem at top speed

Smooth handover, no mistake

Pass di baton to Yohan Blake

But when Yohan pass to Usain

Dat’s when things did get insane

For Darvis Patton of di USA

Run up inna Great Britain’s Harry AA

Lose him balance an kin pupa lick

En up pon di ground an drop di stick

Leaving Walter Dix empty handed

Down di track alone an stranded

Tragedy fi USA an fi Dix

But in di meantime rumpus inna lane six

For di way Usain tek off was frightening

No wonder people call him lightning

And di way him accelerate an was a move

Is like him did have something to prove

Di man was focused an intense

An gi di man dem a donkey lengths

Between him and the next man was such space

Is like dem was a run two different race

Bolt blaze di track an run through di line

An Jamaica get gold in record time

Faster dan any had run before

In 37.04

The only record in Daegu dat bruk

Only Jamaicans pose beside di clock

Ending di games pon a grand climax

Creating history pon di track

And di last anthem dat dem did play

Was di one from di island of JA

A so we dweet, chat bout, dun know, naa mean

Big up di black an gold an green

About the author

Dr. Michael Abrahams