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Day 295 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Dine on Lobsters at Booby Cay Island

Booby Cay Island is just off the coast near Negril. It is known for its glowing bio-luminescent waters and its sunset views. The island can be reached with a five-minute boat trip from Tantamount, which will take you through the bright green and blue glow of the waters. You can see tiny marine plankton in the water, and even get out of the boat for a swim if the spirit moves you. Then dine on some fresh lobster on the shores of the Caribbean. It doesn’t get any better than this.

About 365 Things to Do, See and Eat in Jamaica
Jamaica has so many unique foods, places and events to offer. These things are often missed by visitors to Jamaica and even locals. Our goal is to have you try new things and see what Jamaica has to fully offer with something to do 365 days of the year. Please note that these are all our opinions and we are always open to suggestions.

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