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Day 297 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Check Out Colbeck Castle

Colbeck Castle

A visit to Old Harbor’s town center is not complete without a visit to mysterious Colbeck Castle. For a time, this was the largest building of its type in Jamaica. It is believed that John Colbeck had the castle constructed. He was a colonel in the British army that invaded the island in 1655, and he became a member of the St. Catherine parish assembly and a rich landowner. He was buried in the Spanish Town Cathedral – “to great applause” according to information on his memorial. It is thought that, in its original state, the castle rose three storeys high and had a moat fed by a Rio Cobre River tributary. Each corner of the building has underground “holding quarters” that were possibly used to house slaves or to punish servants. The castle is in ruins now, in the midst of pasturelands and visited by passing goats and cows, but its imposing ruins provide an indication of its former glory.

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