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Day 308 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – See the Sites in Salem

The town of Salem in the parish of Westmoreland was established to relocate the New Hope Moravian congregation when that location’s church building went into disrepair and the region was deemed “unhealthy.” A.B. Lind bought the Salem property in 1860. Located at Beeston Spring, this estate was some 750 feet above sea level and features attractive woodlands. Lind sold 40 acres of the property to the church for a mission station and subdivided the rest for sale to church members and others. These individuals were happy to be able to get freeholds for themselves. The spring that flowed on the property was kept as a communal resource. The foundation stone for the new church was installed in 1863, although the actual building didn’t begin until 1865. It was completed in 1867 and named Salem.

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Jamaica has so many unique foods, places and events to offer. These things are often missed by visitors to Jamaica and even locals. Our goal is to have you try new things and see what Jamaica has to fully offer with something to do 365 days of the year. Please note that these are all our opinions and we are always open to suggestions.

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