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Day 323 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Go to Stony Gut

Stony Gut

When in St. Thomas, take the time to see the small village that was the birthplace of Paul Bogle, one of Jamaica’s National Heroes. Bogle (1822 – 1865) was a deacon in the Baptist Church in the same village where the Morant Bay Rebellion took place in 1865. Bogle and the people of Stony Gut walked to Spanish Town to protest the injustice and oppression in the parish. As they were returning, a violent protest broke out, which led to several deaths. Bogle was hanged for allegedly initiating the protest. The Rebellion succeeded in bringing change in social and economic conditions for people throughout the island. It also contributed to the abolishment of the representative system of government, which was replaced it with the Crown Colony Government.

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Jamaica has so many unique foods, places and events to offer. These things are often missed by visitors to Jamaica and even locals. Our goal is to have you try new things and see what Jamaica has to fully offer with something to do 365 days of the year. Please note that these are all our opinions and we are always open to suggestions.

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