Can my dad get my dead granddad’s Jamaican assets after 20 years?

Dear Legal Wiz,

My grandfather has passed away over twenty (20) years ago. All his children have passed away apart from my dad. Can any Jamaican  land in my grandfather’s name be transferred to my father, who is the only child alive, even if there is no will? Can my father get any assets left in Jamaica by my grandfather?


Dear Joel,

Thanks for communicating. It is possible to have assets transferred in his name. However there are several procedures, and checks that need to be done, and put in order before. As priority the issues of existing title, a will and any possible challenges whether both or either exists or not need to be handled. There also among other steps need to be checks on whether monies were owed by your father, or any other challengers (persons with interest) for his total property (assets, land and any other possessions of his). Then procedures will include acquiring a probate for the will or letters of administration. It is best you contact a lawyer to assist in moving forward. Out team can assist you for a fee. All the best!