Destroying Jamaica Land I love

Jamaica Land I Love……
It’s useless senseless regardless of highness Murders of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, babies ….
too close for comfort It’s no longer the Garrison its The Harrisons It’s no longer politics
its children antics. Its drugs guns white collar thugs…..
destroying Jamaica Land I love. Cash plus come to minus
high tide money washers take poor people to the cleaners…..
to the gutters….
to the streets ….
six feet deeper than the heat they feel – UPTOWN!!! Jamaica land I love
Dear God where is that white dove with the fig tree….
or is it the palm tree no the coconut tree or the orange tree no the weed tree……
Vic-tree!! Vic tree – after 18yrs we plant a VIC TREE but still no victory for we…..
only for them and those that speak eloquently with words and little heart too smart …..
Tricked the educated into thinking scandal and paper trail bags were light bulbs for change.
But who can do the time ….
Who can pay the wages for the crime stoppers coppers shottas…..
is a sin!!!! Who can wash away the tears the fears?
The blood from the rugs and stones that crush the order of one
From the ancient tribes of clans – men turning to men for fun – yes fun – funny.
What’s the deal …signs of the time Sha-a