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Did the executor, caretaker, lawyer steal my aunt’s Jamaican property through fraud?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I would love to know what is going on with my aunt’s property in Jamaica, and if possible get my name on it. My aunt died shortly after she bought property and built up a house. She and her husband had no children, so they adopted me and raised me. My aunt’s husband with a lawyer, went to probate court and replaced her name with his name only on the title after she died. After the funeral of my uncle-in-law, some guy phoned and said he was the executor and that my name was being removed from the will of my uncle-in-law. last year I came to Jamaica and saw only my uncle-in-law’s name on the title and when I went to the house a lady there told me she took care of him till his death and she has a will with two executors listing her as new owner. I really think there was some fraudulent action and I need the title reflecting my name. the difficulty is neither the lawyer who had the original will, the executor, nor this woman can show me any of the wills, or it seems they are refusing to.

Vera Johnson



Thanks for writing in. There needs to be further proven details provided before you can be advised. Based on what you said, you may not have any claim to anything. However, the information you provide needs to be investigated, proven and after other details are revealed you can be best advised. For example, the history of the title needs to be assessed. Should you wish to proceed with a member of our team, please follow up with a private email and we will respond further on how this can be done stage-by-stage. all the best!

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